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Committee Name: Safety and Security Committee
Meeting Date: October 1, 2013
Members Present: Don Bowman, Faculty Representative
                                      Russell Dove, Public Safety & Security
                                      Teri Brothers, Facilities Services
                                      David Lightfoot, Information Technology
                                      John Poole, Finance and Administration
                                      Lucy Carter Smith, Public Safety & Security
Members Absent:  Mike Fein, Library Services
Jason Ferguson, Public Safety Programs
Cat Mobley, Business Office
Chris Parker, Public Safety Programs
Tom Bushley, Facilities Services
Lana Velez, Faculty Representative
Old Business:
Due to a conflict with another with a committee for which her role serves in a permanent position Dani van Vierssen, Student Affairs Coordinator/Athletic Director, is not going to be able to serve on the Safety and Security Committee. Judy Graves, Dean of Student Services will provide a replacement.
Public Safety
Chief Dove provided an update on a number of safety and security initiatives as follows:
·         New vehicle scheduled to arrive on October 2, 2013.
·         New uniforms have been ordered. Security officers will be wearing polo shirts and BDUs and Sworn Officers will be wearing blue uniforms.
·         Approval has been granted for a new fulltime officer in lieu of the two part time sworn officers. The part time roles are more difficult to fill and he stated the best interest of the College is to have sworn officers to the extent possible. The position closed on September 30, 2013. Interviews will be conducted soon.
·         The Cleary Report has been completed and submitted. We are not in complete compliance in two areas. These areas are Admissions and Records and Human Resources. The college should be giving notice to all students and employees regarding means to report crimes but have not been. Chief Dove is working with both departments to ensure we are compliant going forward.
·         There is a concern among Public Safety and other departments about the number of master keys which have been issued through the years. John Poole stated the campus has not been re-keyed in 12 years, which is far too long. Chief Dove has a rough draft of a key control policy and he hopes to have it ready to present to the Safety and Security Committee at the next meeting. He asked for clarification about the Governance process at CVCC required to proceed with adoption of a new policy such as one addressing key control. John Poole described that a recommendation would come from the Safety and Security Committee to the Governance Committee which would elect to adopt a policy. If the Governance Committee agrees, they send it on to the President’s Council for it to be addressed as a “consent agenda” for formal adoption.
Information Technology
David Lightfoot provided an update on the Emergency Notification Project:
·         The cabling has been completed and electrical will be completed soon. The call boxes are supposed to arrive on October 1, 2013. Teri Brothers of Facilities added that she believes they have arrived in shipping.
Mr. Lightfoot has obtained quotes for the installation by two contractors. Both of these contractors are used often by the college. He is planning on using the one which has the earliest availability as he is sensitive to the fact that all have been anxious to get the boxes up and operational. Mr. Lightfoot stated that the boxes to be installed first are those that go on the buildings with the stand alone structures to be purchased and installed at a later date.
·         Chief Dove and Mr. Lightfoot are planning a trip to see the Video Insight surveillance product at Virginia Highlands Community College. Chief Dove and Lucy Carter Smith have previewed the product through a webinar and agreed it meets the needs of the campus. It is one of the products that is compatible with the Blackboard access control system.
·         Staff in Public Safety will be working to document the location and condition of existing cameras. Lucy Carter Smith shared that the plans for the project had been altered to have the camera project addressed after the call boxes to be mounted on the buildings but before the stand alone call boxes. This is due to the increasing number of video surveillance equipment pieces (cameras, DVRs etc.) that are failing.  Mr. Lightfoot added that with the relocation of the Office of Public Safety to the new area adjacent to the student center the monitors and equipment in the Chief’s existing office is going to have to be removed. Thus, it is more efficient to proceed with the installation of new equipment instead of installing old and then taking it out.
·         Devices for classrooms (Code Blue boxes designed for interior use) have been identified for testing and one will be obtained by vendor as soon as available. It was determined that the original plan to use telephones will not be workable. The Committee discussed the factor that the Code Blue boxes will be more secure as they will be mounted to the wall and not subject to being disconnected or foul play.
·         A discussion was held about the need for detailed campus maps to be used as follows:
o   To document locations of video surveillance cameras and related infrastructure
o   To use in planning and documenting installation of devices in classrooms
o   To provide documentation for local responders to be used in both training and live response.
Chief Dove asked Lucy Carter Smith to coordinate with Facilities to obtain maps. Lucy Carter noted that she has put in a work order with the request. She will update Chief Dove and Mr. Lightfoot when progress is made.
Facilities Services
Teri Brothers attended for Tom Bushley and provided information as follows:
·         Bedford is the only building in which all classrooms do not have the capability of locking from inside.
·         The Student Center construction project has commenced. Chief Dove sent out a note to everyone about the doors which may be used and the effects the construction will have on parking.
·         Ms. Brothers noted that the contractors will be reconfiguring the available exits so that in the case of an emergency there will be more than one egress from the area of the Student Center that will be used during the initial stage of construction.
·         Lucy Carter Smith asked about the status of the labeling for the addresses of the exterior doors on campus. It was noted that in the recent meetings with leaders from the local response agencies Chief Dove had mentioned that we hoped to have them in place soon. Ms. Brothers stated she would check on it and let them know.
Committee Mission, Goals and Objectives
Hard copies of the previously used mission, goals and objectives for the committee were distributed. The group was asked to provide suggestions as to how to move forward with enhancing them. Mr. Lightfoot asked if the documentation might be sent out electronically then all members could comment. It was agreed that would be the process and Lucy Carter would compile the suggestions and they would be discussed at the next meeting. The ultimate goal was noted that the objectives need to be measurable and attainable. Additionally, they need to align with the mission of the Institution. Ultimately, the College will use them in the budgeting process.
John Poole asked about the status of plans for exercises and the establishment of a CERT program. Chief Dove explained that the Department of Public Safety is working on basic tasks such as documenting policies and procedures, daily report logs, training and filling staff roles that are needed due to retirements and departing officers. Chief Dove also reminded the group that several communication drills had occurred to test notification procedures and systems. For each of these as well as one live event on campus, the activation of fire suppression equipment in Campbell, an After Action Review had been compiled and shared. One opportunity for improvement that had been noted in the two drills was in the area of communication in the response from employees who would be deployed to campus. Chief Dove noted that to help with the large number of phone calls coming into the Public Safety Office from employees, it would be a best practice to establish a phone tree for the departments under the Vice President. He explained that it would not only be more efficient by eliminating the large number of calls but would enable VPs to provide direction to their staff members. The Committee agreed this would be the best practice available to the College and noted that they would be supportive of such a practice going forward.
The process of getting a policy through the new Governance procedure was discussed. The process includes the Committee making a recommendation to the Governance Council who votes yes or no. Once the recommendation is agreed upon by the Council, they take it to the President’s Cabinet (most of who are on the Governance Council). The President’s Cabinet then votes for it to be included in the list of items to go on the consent agenda for the Board Meeting.
Submitted by Lucy Carter Smith
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