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Committee Name: CVCC Safety & Security Committee
Meeting Date: April 10, 2014
                             10:00 am
                             President’s Conference Room
Members Present:
·         John Poole, VP Finance and Administration
·         Russell Dove, Police Chief
·         Lucy Carter-Smith
·         Mike Fein, Library
·         Jason Ferguson, EMS
·         Peggy Samuels, Accounting
·         Beth Walkup, Facilities (sitting in for Tom Bushley)
Approval of Minutes from January:
·         The last minutes taken by Tammy Johnson were approved by John Poole and
               Mike Fein, all in favor.
Discussion of Committee Mission, Goals and Objectives:
·         Lucy would like to schedule another meeting before the end of the year to plan fall.
·         Lucy would like to start training for CERT this summer.
·         Discussion of Building Wardens listed below.
Policy on CVCC Designated Area as Public Use Space:
·         Russell is currently working on revising the policy.
·         Would like a 24 hour notice.
·         No request for week before and week of exams due to class reviewing and exam scheduling.
·         Expressive Use – deciding how to control. Possibly allowing certain time and place for this.
·         Working to have the policy ready by the end of the year.
CVCC Tabletop:
·         Lucy is working on the after action review for the last tabletop exercise and planning to have more of these in the future.
·         Peggy attended this session and stated that it was extremely helpful.
Bomb Threat Procedure Updates:
·         Russell and Lucy want to update the EOP.
·         Lucy wrote an annex for it that she will be emailing.
Adopt a Building Program/Building Safety Warden:
·         Russell plans to identify the building wardens for each building, 2 each.
·         The wardens need to be 12 month employees if at all possible.
·         Would like to train as many as we can. Needed for day and evening shifts.
·         Anyone who has the time to have an active role in this program is welcome.
·         Will be training all Wardens and assigning them to certain buildings.
Threat Assessment Team Survey:
·         Would like to see more training and stronger tabletop exercises.
·         Would like the committee to put input on the “How’s” of training.
·         Trying to figure out why the team members aren’t reporting incidents to their team.
·         2000-2009 there was an average of 5 mass shootings per year.
·         2009-2014 is an average of 16 mass shootings per year.
·         Russell passed out a written survey to get an idea on if/how much we all understand the Threat Assessment Team. He wants everyone to have a better understanding of TAT and CARE.
·         Lucy is working toward resolving the confidentiality of the team.
The meeting adjourned at 11:05 am.
Submitted by Beth Walkup
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