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Safety and Security Committee Minutes
August 26, 2014 @ 1 p.m.
5213/ Merritt Hall

Members Present
  • Chief Russell Dove, Public Safety, Chair
  • Mike Fein, Library
  • Don Bowman, Faculty
  • Jason Ferguson, BAH EMS
  • Kathye Herndon, Facilities Management
Members Absent
David Lightfoot, John Poole, Lana Velez, Wendy Ayers, and Tom Bushley.
Call to order: Russell Dove, Chair
Russell stated that David Lightfoot and Lana Velez had advised they had conflicts. 
Russell welcomed new members, Kathye Herndon
Action Items:
  • Approval of April 29, 2014 Minutes
    • Don Bowman motion to approve April 29, 2014 minutes, Mike Fein 2nd motion.
    • Minutes were unanimously approved
  • Selection of a Recorder
    • Russell Dove nominated Kathye Herndon as recorder, Mike Fein 2nd; Kathye asked if being non- voting member would affect holding position, Russell Dove to check with Muriel Mickles. Kathye recorded minutes for this meeting, awaiting answer from Chair for permanent post.
Non Action Items:
  • Draft - Video Surveillance Policy
    • Russell passed out Draft of Video Surveillance Policy,
    • Discussion-
      • Don Bowman asked what the training procedure for Campus Police Staff and the status of the cameras, are they available for use.
    • Russell gave following update(s)-
      • Video surveillance system is moving from DVR to IP system
      • Only Amherst Hall has been changed to new system
    • Don Bowman asked if personnel will be trained according to privacy laws cited in the camera policy.
      • Russell confirmed this policy and training should help assure the law is followed as required
    • Mike Fein asked for copy of camera locations for Library
      • Russell is to provide him a copy
    • Russell continued update and stated several cameras have been added to Amherst and several other have been relocated to enhance the security for the campus.
Jason Ferguson motioned for Video Surveillance Policy to be approved with no changes,
Don Bowman 2nd the motion, all voting members present approved the Video Surveillance Policy.
  • Review of Mission, and Objectives
    • Tabled until next meeting, Mike Fein to check for updated version and bring to next meeting if he has copy of the latest revision that was discussed in our last meeting of the 2013/14 academic year.
Information Items:
  • Expressive Activity Policy/ latest revisions
    • Russell provided update-
      • Several minor revisions were made due to VCCS legal counsel suggestions
      • Russell advised it was returned to John Poole in June for legal final approval.  Russell advised he was disappointed he had not been updated on the policy status.
  • Code Blue Devices update
    • Russell provided update
      • Replaced all 12 old style radio frequency call boxes and  2 additional installed in the Weight Room and Fitness Center, this is one of the goals established in April 29, 2014 meeting.
      • One additional code blue device is slated to be added in the Student Center
      • Not all are functional-IT progressing with the devices activation. However, there are active devices at key external/outside points and several internal/inside devices at the present time.
  • Emergency Training/ CERT training update
    • Russell informed committee that VDEM has disbanded CERT Office
    • Russell reaching out to other Campuses for information and assistance.
    • Projected completion is now by the Summer 2015, since the EMC position is vacant since Lucy left. 
    • Russell has solicited a proposal from an outside trainer to assist with training
    • Mike suggested the EMC from Danville.
Jason Ferguson had to leave at 1:25 to attend the Accreditation Meeting
  • Threat Assessment Team update
    • Don advised that Faculty still feeling some frustration –cannot get ABC instructions on threat/incident  scenarios
    • Russell advised he understood but there is no ABC instruction to provide as each situation will present differently and will probably change rapidly
    • Russell provided updates
      • SDV training has been updated for SDV students
      • Campus Police Web Page has been updated
      • Russell stated that recent studies have found that significant reluctance still exist for reporting potential threatening incidents
Item(s) of concern for members
  • Don inquired about updating the First Aid Kits in the Biology Labs
    • Russell explained responsibility is still to be decided, working for meeting with Facilities to discuss. Russell asked Kathye of current procedure and she advised that First Aid items can be requested through system, (Myschoolbuilding), and she will check the labs in the upcoming week.
  • Mike inquired about Lucy Smiths position, Emergency Management Coordinator
    • Russell to meet with someone from VCCS regarding utilizing a shared position with another college
  • Mike inquired about any Drills for this semester
    • Russell advised there will be at least a Fire and the Earthquake Drill is scheduled for October
Russell ask if any more questions or concerns,
None presented at this time.
Meeting adjourned at 1:44pm
Submitted by:
Kathye Herndon
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