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Safety and Security Committee 
September 30, 2014 @ 1 p.m.
5213/ Merritt Hall

Members Present:
  • Chief Russell Dove, Public Safety, Chair
  • Wendy Ayres, BAH, Resp Therapy
  • Don Bowman, SME, Faculty
  • Tom Bushley, Facilities
  • Mike Fein. Library
  • Jason Ferguson, BAH EMS
  • Kathye Herndon, Facilities
  • David Lightfoot, IT
  • John Poole, Administration and Finance
  • Lana Velez, HSS, Faculty
  • William Osborne, IT
Call to order: Russell Dove, Chair
Russell welcomed any new members, and thanked all committee members present for serving on the committee.
Action Items:
  • Approval of August 26, 2014 Minutes
    • Wendy Ayres motion to approve August 26, 2014 minutes Dom Bowman 2nd motion
    • Minutes were unanimously approved.
  • Video Surveillance Policy
    • Russell requested from John Poole the status of the Video Surveillance Policy, John indicated that it had added to the on-line Employee Manual.
Non Action Items:
  • Review and revise Mission, Goals and Objectives
    • Russell asked if anyone was able to locate copy of the latest version of the goals, none found
    • Lana suggested to go back and look at original listed with the New Governance Model
    • Russell read the 2011=2012 Mission, Goals, and Objectives Statement
    • Lana stated the current objectives were not really conducive to being measured   
    • John P. stated that we should consider looking at both to improve, but that goals can be objective and subjective, discussion on how to check for improvements-possible survey
    • Don stated nothing further in print from 2011-2012 for the Missions, Goals, and Objective Statement.
    • Russell agreed to put it on the agenda for the next meeting and to send current copy to all Safety and Security Committee members
  • Discuss new contractor/vendor procedure
    • Russell opened discussion on creating a process managing outside Contractors Vendors on Campus
    • Russell stated that Vendors should sign in/ log in at Campus Police; this will allow his staff to verify the vendors and provide information to other staff on campus regarding the vendor legitimacy. He shared an article in regards to a Security Officer mistakenly giving keys to someone because the person stated he was with housekeeping, that person had had keys to the entire Campus to commit a criminal or other acts, the officer did not verify. He advised he could see this easily happening here with our currents process and it was a potential issue just waiting to occur and one day to have a bad outcome. CVCC needs a better process.
    • Russell stated that the current process for facilities and IT is to instruct the Vendor to report to Campus Police and get ID Card, and Departments communicate vendor information to Campus Police also, lessens vulnerability.
    • Lana ask if this was process or policy
    • John P. stated it needs to be implemented as a policy to the Employee Handbook. Lots of vendors on Campus all of us will not know them.
    • Don ask for the Vendor Card issuance explanation
    • Russell gave details, sign in, card is visible, Campus Police is aware they are here.
    • Lana stated good idea, need procedure, share information
    • Russell stated right now the communications are Campus Police, Facilities, and IT
    • Lana asked what is the General Policy for visitors on Campus.
    • Russell stated none at this time
    • Mike asked does the procedure need to refer to a Specific Policy.
    • Russell stated it refers to the Safety Policy
    • David stated to include in the Employee Manuel to go back and reference if needed
    • Lana questioned if it was ready for policy level
    • Tom stated to keep it as procedure to get the bugs out, get a good working process in place, then to policy.
    • Wendy added that signage is needed to direct Vendors to sign in location
    • John P. working on better signage Campus wide
    • Russell feels this need cannot wait, Wendy supported this request
    • John P. agreed that procedure level, to work out bugs in process, then add under General Policies in manual
    • Russell asked if there were any other questions or concerns regarding Vendor Check in process. The committee agreed and wanted the current process to continue with Facilities and IT and then the procedure will be brought back to this committee for consideration for adopting for the entire campus.
    • Tabled for continued discussion at next meeting
Information Items:
  • Code Blue Devices update
    • David gave the floor to guest William Osborne
    • William stated that 7 Code Blue devices still not functioning properly and all were the internal devices
    • Russell stated that all External devices were tested and functioning as of the last testing on Wednesday, September 24, 2014
    • William is trying to solve issues with Code Blue Vendor, he advised that all non-functional devices are not on the walls.
    • Russell stated that the internal devices are the replacements for the old style call box units that had the potential to disrupt radio communications.
  • First- Aid Kits update
    • Russell stated that a meeting took place with himself, Tom Bushley, and Kathye Herndon
    • Meeting discussion covered attempting to definitively identify where the current first aid kits were located
    • We have some information based on inventory system requests but do not believe it is completely accurate
    • First Aid kits need to be standardized-except for certain Trades instruction areas
    • Al Ensley (night shift Security Officer) to monitor and replenish
    • First Aid kit contents will be at OSHA minimum, with some additions
    • Russell stated due to liability concerns no consumable items, such as Tylenol, Aspirin, etc. will be provided in future first-aid kits.
    • Jason suggested break away tabs be used in the future on the kits, this will show if box has been accessed and needs to be re-stocked.
    • Wendy stated that AED’s are also a necessary First Aid item, she advised one unit was in Resp. Therapy
    • Russell shared the other current campus locations of the AED”S
      •  2 are available to Campus Police, one in the office and the other unit in the police vehicle.
      • 1 unit is in Student Activities and the 1 in Respiratory Therapy
    • Russell advised he would like to have one in each building and John P. agreed and stated one mounted in each building would be the ideal.
    • Emergency Training/ CERT training update
      • Russell stated that the shared EMC position discussion with VCCS office has not materialized into anything tangible.
      • He has requested a breakdown of position in regards to duties and funding from VCCS, but as of today nothing has been sent to him. Russell indicated that a full time shared position may bring in higher qualified candidates.
      •  Russell has made some contacts on CERT Training and hope to have more information about this at our next meeting.
    • Tip of the month discussion
      • Russell was asking for opinions/feedback regarding sending out Public Safety “Tip of the Month” communications. He had sent some to Facilities and to the Campus Community and had received positive feedback.
      • Positive feedback came from Committee, Lana and John P, expressed he should go for it!
  • Emergency Management/Response exercise.
    • Russell stated it will happen and is scheduled for Monday of Fall Break, October 13, 2014 for senior administrators and ERT members.
    • Statewide Earthquake Drill is scheduled for 10am on Thursday, October 16, 2014.
    • Russell requested the Campus to participate as you often respond to emergencies as you practice.
    • Russell asked all to encourage fellow staff and students to participate, if in class or office get under desk/tables until all clear is provided.
Item(s) of concern for members
  • John P. presented the topic of OSHA – MSDS topics
    • Slips, trips and falls on Campus
    • John P.  stated that the entire Campus needs to be examined to improve
    • Wendy stated the concern of Ice for early arrivers, not cleared until class time,
    • She stated that when it rains the 2100 block door is allowing rain to enter the entrance, requested that on rainy days additional walk off mats be added to extend out from the built in walk off areas.
    • John P. suggested to take a look at wire management, correct any problem areas, cords, cabling etc.
    • John P. stated that all should be looking and notating problems as we go about our daily routines.
  • Russell started discussion about chemicals/hazardous materials/MSDS- if a fire are other event occur on Campus-working towards solutions
    • Kathye stated working on Webinar for committee for online MSDS, some concerns have been availability and reliability of systems.  Vendor states they have come up with some solutions. Hope to have available for November 11th meeting
    • Tom suggested outdoor lock boxes for each building with MSDS sheets enclosed, also available option.
  • Jason started discussion about the Blood borne Pathogens Policy being outdated, it is dated 1999
    • Russell stated he will check for update on this by the end next week as Lucy carter had started a discussion with Leticia prior to their departures.
    • John P. stated he will be checking into it, ask for template if available
    • Jason stated he has sent template several times, he is concerned because of Accreditation Committee Meeting next week, will ask again for the help of the Accreditation Committee.
    • Lana ask if it is an immediate need
    • Jason answered that no policy leaves Campus open for liability and embarrassment for him, has been asking for several years about this policy.
    • Lana questioned is this at the Governance Committee Level
    • Russell to check his e-mails from Lucy Smith to see if any information is there,
    • Lana and Wendy suggested checking the OSHA website for guidance
Russell ask if any more questions or concerns, None presented at this time
Russell made motion to adjourn,  John P. 2nd the motion
Meeting adjourned at 2.04pm
Submitted by:
Kathye Herndon
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