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Safety and Security Committee Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2014 @ 1 p.m.
5213/ Merritt Hall

Members Present:
  • Chief Russell Dove, Public Safety, Chair
  • Wendy Ayres, BAH, Resp Therapy
  • Don Bowman, SME, Faculty
  • Mike Fein. Library
  • Jason Ferguson, BAH EMS
  • Kathye Herndon, Facilities
  • David Lightfoot, IT
  • Dexter Smith, Student Services
  • Lana Velez, HSS, Faculty
Members Not Present=
  • Tom Bushley, Facilities
  • John Poole, Administration and Finance
Call to order: Russell Dove, Chair
Russell welcomed new member Dexter Smith, Student Services Representative, and thanked all committee members present for serving on the committee.
Action Items:
  • Approval of September 30, 2014 Minutes
    • Don Bowman motion to approve September 30, 2014 minutes Mike Fein 2nd motion
    • Minutes were unanimously approved
  • Select Blood borne Pathogens policy sub-committee
    • Jason Ferguson, Sub-Committee Head with
    • Tom Bushley
    • Dexter Smith -Nominated to serve
          Russell Dove to send them information he has collected on Bloodborne Pathogen policy requirements.
  • Select Goals and Objective sub-committee
Russell Dove ask David Lightfoot to serve, David declined due to other commitments
  • Lana Velez, Sub-Committee Head and with
  • Don Bowman
  • Mike Fein Nominated to serve
Russell Dove thanked all for serving on these sub-committees, as their efforts will make CVCC a safer place.
Russell requested that on January 13th meeting bring information for both Sub- Committees
Lana Velez requested copy of Current Goals and Objectives.      
Non Action Items:
  • Discuss Plain Clothes Officer experiment
    • Russell Dove shared results of experiment
      1. New Officer-No Uniform
      2. Purpose was to see if unknown person (plain clothes officer) would be challenged. Officer was instructed to perform his routine duties, along with some additional door checking, checking areas, opening closets, etc. Activities that should have been considered suspicious because he had no uniform to show he had authorization to access, or be there.
      3. Only challenged one time
      4. Received two calls about a suspicious person
      5. Four or Five people ask who he was but never requested for identification
    • Russell ask for committee members thoughts on the outcome
    • Mike Fein thought most people may question in their mind but not report
    • Russell asked for suggestions on how do you get people to notice and report unknown person and/or suspicious activity
    • Jason Ferguson thought his appearance may have been an issue, looked like he belonged in the building, Work Force instructor.
    • Lana asked if anyone ask him if they could help him.
    • Russell asked committee members to continue to consider ways and share suggestions with him about how to improve on this concern.
  • Discuss Earthquake Drill survey results
    • Russell Dove provided hard copy of Survey data for Shake Out Drill 2014 to committee members
    • 27 total responses
      • 26 Staff
      • 1 Student
    • Russell read and opened discussion of the Survey results
    • Russell commented he was disappointed on low response as a whole but especially the lack of student participation; he would like some feedback/suggestions from committee to improve the level of participation in drills.
    • Lana stated that she felt students did not check e-mail and suggested survey monkey may gain more response in the future because it is familiar to students.
    • David Lightfoot responded to the survey comment referencing lack of Alertus Device at the Region 2000 Center-possible relocation is contributing to delay in installing any devices.
    • Russell opened discussion regarding the largest notification used by the respondents was text message-E2 Campus alert.
      • 1,234 newly registered
      • Current CVCC has a total of 4912 students, 603 staff members
      • System has limitations on users but we have not even reached that number and only about one-third of the total number of staff and students are registered.  
      • David asked if system had been purged, Russell advised he will check on purge for system.
      • Lana stated that cell phone notification was a problem for inside the classrooms, students instructed to turn phones off and put away.
      • Russell stated that classroom emergency notification devices was a monetary issue.
      • Russell stated the goal is to achieve a good percentage of drill participation, because people normally react in accordance to how they practice in an actual emergency –hen asked for any suggestions to increase participation.
  • Discuss Crisis Manager Software/SchoolDude
    • David Lightfoot suggested using Office 365
    • Russell explained what he needs is information for us and local Emergency Responders.
    • David suggested using SharePoint service that is currently being used for information sharing.
    • Lana Velez asked what is process for uploading required Emergency Response information
    • Russell stated he knows that this will be a timely process but he hopes to use interns
    • Russell asked if he and David could meet to discuss, the SharePoint option.
    • David agreed to check his calendar and contact Russell for date and time.
    • Mike Fein ask about incident reporting process for system (SchoolDude),
    • Russell ask Kathye to have Demo set up with School Dude Rep for Committee
    • Lana ask to hold off until David checks on Office 365, Russell okayed to hold off on School Dude demo to see if another option meet the needs.
Information Items:
  • Update new contractor/vendor procedure
    • Russell stated that the procedure continued to have positive results, Facilities and IT committee members present supported the procedure.
    • Russell to continue process to convert procedure to actual campus Policy
    • Update on First-Aid Kits process
    • Kathye still working on verifying areas that need and level of first aid supplies needed for area. Machine Shop, welding labs, Science Labs may require additional/specialty items.
    • Dexter Franklin stated Financial Aid area needs a first aid kit.
    • Kathye stated having a hard time locating the lock out tags, suggested by Jason.
    • Jason advised he will send info to Kathye on the lock out tags
    • Code Blue Devices update
    • Russell stated all installed except for 2 interior devices.
    • A discussion regarding replacing cameras and the use of wireless technology.
    • David stated that Ron Parker is checking with AEP to attach to poles for outside perimeter areas and parking lots.
    • Russell stated that his training has indicated that underground service offers greater stability and Jason Ferguson advised he was in agreement.
    • David does not feel substantial problem in comparison of aerial and underground, overhead ok as long as installation is done properly.
    • Emergency Preparedness Exercise
    • Russell shared info from exercise
    • Small group of Administrators and ERT members and he felt some progress was made but believes more exercises and planning must be conducted.
    • He will continue as they move toward a functional exercise.
Comments or concern of members
  • David stated that equipment is being stolen-Surface and projector
Don Bowman left meeting at 1:50 pm
  •  Russell discussed missing items with committee members
  • Russell stated due to server storage capabilities the cameras does not provide continuous coverage and gaps still exist, also the cameras does not provide 100% coverage of all building or campus locations. The following may be factors also:
    • Officers cannot be at all locations at all times
    • Cameras may not have captured the incident due to location
    • There was significant uncertainty regarding the actual timeframe the incident occurred which created some issue.
Dexter Smith left meeting at 1:54 pm
  • Russell advised his officers are now making checks and securing empty classrooms after 7pm
David Lightfoot ask Committee Members if you notice items missing, projectors, instructional IT items, let IT know ASAP-he will be sending something in Daily Bulletin
Meeting Adjourned at 2:02pm
*** Motto: Real change is not an event it is a process.
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