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Safety and Security Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting date:  Thurday, November 10, 2016
Meeting venue:  Amherst 2307
Members Present:
·         Chief Russell Dove
·         Tim Rhoads, SME Faculty, Recorder
·         Ron Parker, B&G
·         Lewis Bryant, VP of Finance
·         Mike Fine
The 9/27 meeting minutes were approved.
New business:
·         Chief Dove reported that the project to replace signs labeling rooms in campus buildings has been completed, as has the 3-digit reflective numbers on exterior doors of all campus building.  These projects were initially discussed in the 9/27 minutes.
·         Ron Parker reported that all door locks are being replaced with more secure locks, all of which can be locked from the inside.  This lock replacement is proceeding in 3 prioritized phases, the first of which is classroom doors which is near completion.  The target date for completion of this project is the beginning of Christmas break.  The cost of this project will be approximately $5000.00
·         The Student Affairs committee has brought forth two concerns to this committee. 
o   The first involves the need for directional arrows in lot #7.  As it stands, the Student Affairs committee suggests that the unregulated flow of traffic into and out of this lot represents a hazard.  Ron Parker said that he would speak to contractors about the feasibility and cost of this project.
o   The second involved the possibility of decreasing the speed limit on the main road onto campus from Harvard from 25mph to 15mph.  It was the decision of our committee to maintain the current speed limit of 25mph and increase enforcement of speed and crosswalk traffic violations.     
·         A CVCC employee approached Ron Parker with a concern that no barrier exists between the smoking gazebo behind Amherst/Cullinary center and the woods.  Their concern was that somebody could come out of the woods to attack smokers, and suggested that we  erect a protective fence.  Considering the cameras in that area and the extreme slope of the bank coming up from the woods in that location, the consensus of the committee was to take no action at the time being.  
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