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Safety and Security Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting date:  Tuesday, February 14, 17’
Meeting venue:  Amherst 2307
Members Present:
·         Officer Sydenstricker
·         Tim Rhoads, SME Faculty, Recorder
·         David Lightfoot, VP of IT
·         Jason Ferguson, BAH faculty
·         Chris Parker, BAH faculty
·         Deanne McDaniel, Student Activity Coordinator
The 11/10 meeting minutes were approved.
New business:
·         Jeff reported that the interior door lock replacement project is near completion.  He said that only a few classroom door locks remain to be completed.
·         Most of the conversation during todays meeting involved the upcoming campus active shooter exercise on March 8. 
o   Deanne inquired about the need for student participation is the exercise.    
o   Jason and Chris were at the meeting to discuss their role in preparing mock up victims for the exercise.
o   Jeff reported that new radio links were up and running to allow communication with LPD during the exercise, and that Liberty PD could be hooked to this link as well.
o   Jeff and David discussed a phone line in the Emergency Operation Center on the 2nd floor of Bedford Hall.  This phone would serve as the communication hub for members of the Emergency Management Team dispersed around campus during the exercise.
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