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Safety and Security Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting date:  Tuesday, March 28, 17’
Meeting venue:  Amherst 2307
Members Present:
·         Chief Dove
·         Officer Jeff Sydenstricker
·         Tim Rhoads, SME Faculty, Recorder
·         David Lightfoot, VP of IT
·         Chris Parker, BAH faculty
·         Mike Fein, library
The February 14 meeting minutes were approved.
New business:
·         Active shooter exercise:  Chief Dove reported that the recent active shooter exercise was a success.  It was a great deal of work, but all went well and much was learned.  A few deficiencies were revealed, but the exercise demonstrated that the participants were well trained and prepared.  Once the final report has been completed, Chief Dove will hold an information session open to the entire community.  David Lightfoot suggested that this session be held during a town hall meeting.
·         Tornado drill:  Jeff reported that the tornado drill went well with the exception of an e2 campus notification issue.  Text alert notifications did not send even though our campus system indicates that they sent.  Although the email portion of the test worked as designed, notifications did not go into the end user “Focus” email box for anyone using the “Outlook” app, due to an email account setting.  David Lightfoot says that text is more immediate in terms of delivery and the attention by the user than email. 
·         Chemical hygiene:  Chief Dove and Jeff reported that they are in the process of developing an action plan for proper storage of chemicals, and disposing of waste chemicals.  This is a matter of both safety and security.  Our security team will work with local hazardous materials professionals in this effort.  Jeff mentioned that we should consider protocol for proper disposal of waste biological materials and sharps (needles, scalpels) as well.
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