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Safety and Security Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting date:  Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Meeting venue:  Amherst 2307
Members Present:
·         Chief Dove
·         Officer Jeff Sydenstricker
·         Lewis Bryant, VP of finance
·         David Lightfoot, VP of IT
·         Katherine Rice, Institutional advancement
·         Deanne McDaniel, Student activity coordinator
·         Chris Parker, BAH faculty
·         Ron Parker, B&G

*The March 28 meeting minutes were approved.

*Officer elections:
Jeff Sydenstricker was elected as committee Chair.
Tim Rhoads was elected as recorder.

*The review and approval of committee goals and objectives were postponed until the next meeting.

*David mentioned that the weight room door lock was not working properly, and asked if this is a security issue.  Chief Dove said yes.  Jeff reported that the fitness center door is working at this time, thankfully.  The vendor S3I repaired the weight room door, but it has been working intermittently since then.  Apparently, there is a mechanical issue with the lock.  This part has been ordered, and should be here soon.  However, the server controlling the locks is also out of date.  The plan is to make the software update at a time when school is not in session, perhaps Fall break.  Lewis and Chief Dove commented that the vendor should have been making these updates periodically as part of their contractual obligation, and that they will follow up on this.

Another security issue discussed was that the security camera and DVR at the Bedford Center has stopped working.  David inquired as to why the Bedford Center has not made a budget request for new cameras.

*Jeff discussed an HR OSHA survey conducted in 2006.  Among other things, some chemical issues were identified.  Randal received an email in May 2017 that an OSHA group was returning to check on progress, of which we had made very little.  Most notably, we did not have an accurate chemical inventory, other chemicals were far beyond their expiration dates, and we did not have MSDS sheets on file for all of our chemicals.  In response, and with much work and some cost, outdated chemicals are being disposed of.  Also, a thorough chemical survey has been conducted, and MSDS sheets have been downloaded and filed on site.  We are putting together a protocol to insure that we remain up to date on MSDS sheets in the future, and that our procedures prevent all of these problems from reoccurring.  It makes our situation no better, but Jeff learned that Tidewater and others find themselves in the same boat.

*The meeting was adjourned.  
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