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Safety and Security Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting date:  Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Meeting venue:  Amherst 2307
Members Present:
·         Officer Jeff Sydenstricker
·         Chief Dove
·         Lewis Bryant, VP of finance
·         David Lightfoot, VP of IT
·         Ron Parker, B&G
·         Tim Rhoads, SME faculty
The January 1, 2018 minutes were approved.
New business
Parking:  The Faculty Association approached Chief Dove on the issue of parking behind Bedford hall.  It was reported that when a faculty member returns to campus after teaching at an  offsite center there are no parking spaces.  Chief said that multiple tickets do not work for some parking offenders.  He suggested towing after some number of violations (most likely 3) would add new and more effective motivation.  Chief said that he does not like wheel locks because the officer is vulnerable while applying the lock and the parking space remains occupied.  The question was asked, how will we know if the car has been ticketed in the past?  The same officers write the tickets every day, so they know.  Before towing, the officer would confirm the repeat offense with dispatch.  We discussed methods of communicating this policy change to students as a deterrent.  One method will be to add this to the SDV course.  Notifications would also be posted in all parking lots.  The group approved this proposal.

The issue of crosswalk safety was revisited.  Lewis reported that blinking signs are $1200 per unit.  After monitoring traffic flow at crosswalks on several occasions, and seeing few instances of minor issues, the group decided that we should first try more effective marking (paint) on the roads at crosswalks.  It was agreed that we can buy signs at a later date if needed.  The particular crosswalks of concern are between lot 6 and Appomattox Hall, and crossing Harvard street from the stairs heading down to Buffalo Wild Wings.    

In the January meeting, we discussed traffic flow problems in lot 1.  As with the crosswalks, the group decided that we should try painted lines, stop and yield indicators, etc. as a first step to alleviate this problem.  The group approved these proposals.
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