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Safety and Security Committee
Amherst Hall Room 2205
September 4, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.


Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:

Jeff Sydenstricker, Chair                                           Ron Parker

Lisa Hodges                                                                 Matt Latimer

Christina Brannan                                                      David Lightfoot

Mike Fein

Jason Ferguson

Russell Dove

Don Bowman

Tina Murphy

Lewis Bryant

Catherine Rice


The meeting was called to order by Jeff Sydenstricker, chair.  He asked the committee if they had read over the goals and objectives for the committee. 

Russell Dove recommended a new objective to be added to the list for 2018-2019.  He would like for the college to participate in the Certified Crime Prevention Campus Program.  Germania is the only VCCS College participating in the program.   He stated there are 11 core goals and four optional goals the college must meet in order to be certified.  On a recommendation from Mike Fein and seconded by Catherine Rice, the committee approved that the college should participate in this certification.

Mr. Sydenstricker asked if there was anyone who would like to serve as chair and recorder for this committee.  After discussion, it was determined that Mr. Sydenstricker would remain as chair with Catherine Rice becoming the recorder for the committee.

The committee revisited the idea of an ID system.  Mr. Fein said that the logistics and costs would outweigh the benefits of changing the system.

Mr. Sydenstricker informed the committee that the police department is continuing to identify/catalog/dispose of hazardous chemicals on campus and upload them into the MSDS online system.  This will allow Lynchburg Fire Department to have access to what chemical we have on campus.

The committee was informed that the college has provided $40,000 for the expanded outdoor warning system.  The next step is getting new quotes from proposals. 

There being no other business, the committee adjourned at 1:45.


Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Rice

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