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Social Events Committee Meeting Minutes
August 28th, 2012

In attendance:
Frances Chambers           7754
Kimely Davis                        7627
Kathey Herndon                7735
Rebecca Honeycutt        7718
Dominick Launi                 7686
Alison Moore                      7710
Joseph Penrod                  7759
Kelli Segraves                    7811
Email list:
Officers List:
                Chair:                                             TBD
                (Co-chair:)                                   TBD
                Representative:                     TBD
Secretary:                           Joseph Penrod
Next Meeting:                                       Oct 2nd­­  1:00pm, Room 5124
Current understanding of Committee responsibilities:
to facilitate the interaction and socialization of Faculty and to show hospitality to visiting dignitaries through lunches, activities and other social events.
List of unassigned items discussed that require follow up work:
                Additional clarification and guidelines for the definition of:
                                Social Functions – what qualifies?  Where should we be involved?
                                                Board of Directors Luncheons?
                                                Fund Raisers?
                                                Department Events?
                                                Club Events?
                                What constitutes a Visiting Dignitary?
                                                State and Local Government?
                                                Virginia Community College System Administrators?
                                                SACS Personnel?  (John Poole suggested that this would be out of our league)
                Obtain a schedule of visits by Dignitaries
                Assess the need for a Retirement Party – have enough people retired to hold a party?
                Choice of Committee Chairs (and Co-Chair if desired)
                Choice of a Committee Representative to the Governance Council?
                List of additional people who should be CC’ed with these minutes?
List of discussed items that have been assigned or completed:
                Find the schedules for rooms used to hold events – Kathey Herndon
                Notify other campus departments of scheduled events to prevent conflicts – Kathey Herndon
                Scheduled Meeting days for our two Faculty Socials – Kimely Davis
                                Reported:           December 13th 11:30am – 1:00pm
                                                                May 9th 11:30am – 1:00pm
                Contact the President’s Office and determine the working committee budget – Joseph Penrod
                                Reported:           $3,600.00
I spoke to John Poole, the VP for finance and administration and he recommended that we proceed in this manner:  If we like, we can put together a budget with item by item justification for expenses and if the outlined budget exceeds the $3,600 amount he can ask for more money in the budget from the VCCS, no problem.  The advisory board might say, “No.” But he can still ask.
Further Discussion:
Move and extend the amount of time that we hold the end of semester social lunches to allow more faculty and staff the opportunity to attend.
Attempt to market the socials as a quick and easy lunch for those with a busy schedule.  Increase the fun aspect?  Gift Cards, Music, Games, etc.
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