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Social Events Committee Meeting Minutes
January 14th, 2014

In attendance:
Rebecca Honeycutt             7718
Loretta Marshall                 7617
Alison Moore                      7710
Kimely Davis                     7627
Committee membership:
Kimely Davis, Letecia Forster, Rebecca Honeycutt, Dominic Launi, Loretta Marshall, Alison Moore, Joseph Penrod
Officers List:
                Chair:                             Loretta Marshall
Recorder:                            Joseph Penrod
Following Meetings:        Feb 21st                  1:00pm, Room 2205
                                                             Apr 4th                    1:00pm, Room 2205
Committee responsibilities:
to facilitate the interaction and socialization of Faculty and to show hospitality to visiting dignitaries through lunches, activities and other social events.
List of unassigned items discussed that require follow up work:
Next Luncheon to be in April or May with a Hawaiian theme
Dates and times for Social
                        Next meeting come prepared with suggestions for menuDominick will send a representative to receive/comment/add to food suggestions
            We may need to find a new room to meet in as 2207 may be occupied on Fridays at 1pm
List of discussed items that have been assigned or completed:            
There is a conflict with Joseph teaching (lab) schedule, so he is unable to meet on Tuesdays. After looking at everyone’s schedule, a more suitable time was not reached.   Some email discussion led to the choice of Fridays at 1pm.
Kimely with gather financial information on the 2013 Christmas Luncheon and report
Further Discussion:
Questions were raised as to whether or not to stick with CVCC Culinary Arts as our caterer or seek prices from outside vendor;
Some have complained about the quality of food from recent functions                                        
            undercooked food
cold food
drinks too exotic
Since Dominic is already under the assumption what his department will caterer the Spring function, we will leave as it and will revisit caterers in the Fall 2014.
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