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Social Events Committee Meeting Minutes
August 26th, 2014

In attendance:
Sarah Jarrett                        
John Lofasso                        
Joseph Penrod            7759  
Committee membership:
Kitty Daniel, Jeannie Engledove, Sarah Jarrett, Dominic Launi,
John Lofasso, Alison Moore, Joseph Penrod
Officers List:
Recorder:                                    Joseph Penrod
Following Meeting:            To Be Determined
Committee responsibilities:
to facilitate the interaction and socialization of Faculty and to show hospitality to visiting dignitaries through lunches, activities and other social events.
List of discussed items that have been assigned or completed:            
Minor discussion of responsibilities and a call re reschedule the meeting when more people could be in attendance
Joseph to talk consult records, identifying committee members and work out a good time for a Social Committee Meeting
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