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Social Events Committee Meeting Minutes
November 12th, 2014
In attendance:

Kitty Daniel                              
Jeannie Engledove                    
Sarah Jarrett                            
Dominic Launi                           
John Lofasso                             
Alison Moore                             
Joseph Penrod                  7759 
Committee membership:
Kitty Daniel, Jeannie Engledove, Sarah Jarrett, Dominic Launi,
John Lofasso, Alison Moore, Joseph Penrod
Officers List:
Recorder:                            Joseph Penrod
Following Meeting:            To Be Determined
Committee responsibilities:
to facilitate the interaction and socialization of Faculty and to show hospitality to visiting dignitaries through lunches, activities and other social events.
List of discussed items that have been assigned or completed:  
Continuing solidification of Holiday Luncheon plans including:
                Menu – Dominick presented North American Regional Dishes idea
                                3-4 meat dishes
                                3-4 salad dishes
                                3-4 Breads and soups
                                3-4 Deserts
                                Beverages etc
                                Mix and match
                Décor – Jeannie did a great job getting center piece décor which will be raffled
                Gift Cards – types and quantity to get – Sarah to gather these

Social Date set on December 11th at 11:00am till 1:30pm

Ways to make the social and all of the good food more accessible to office staff:
                Contact Will Sandidge for office closures during the event
                                Contacted by Dominick and Joseph – the offices must stay open

    Decided on letting Student Services Staff enter the room early

For a promotion have a teaser / menu sent out by email – Joseph and John

Kitty checked on budget (verified $3600)

Kitty contacted and verified that student ambassadors were available to serve at the event
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