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Social Events Committee Meeting Minutes
March 3rd, 2015

In attendance:
Kitty Daniel                            
Jeannie Engledove                  
Sarah Jarrett                          
Dominick Launi                       
John Lofasso                           
Alison Moore                           
Joseph Penrod                        
Committee membership:
Kitty Daniel, Jeannie Engledove, Sarah Jarrett, Dominic Launi,
John Lofasso, Alison Moore, Joseph Penrod
Officers List:
Recorder:                                    Joseph Penrod
Following Meeting:            Thursday, April 7th
Committee responsibilities:
to facilitate the interaction and socialization of Faculty and to show hospitality to visiting dignitaries through lunches, activities and other social events.
Committee discussion:

Evaluation of Fall Semester Social:
                Menu – A lot of positive feedback on the food
                Minor issues with eating wear at one station
                            Major issue with orderliness of social attendees:
                        Probably caused by our allowing retirees and office staff to get food early
Prevented the start of the meeting for about 40mins
                Décor – was great
                I think we did a very good job to provide an enjoyable event

Ways to address the food delivery to the office staff and the orderliness of the event
                In the bulletin we can instruct everyone to be seated and wait for the president to open
                We should have office personnel to sit at one table and have Dr. Capps release them to get food first
                We can also place signs at the doors which can be taken down after Dr. Capps opens

List of discussed items that have been assigned or completed:       

            Planned Spring Social date April 7th 11am-1pm
                            Joseph to check on the day with Diane Sykes for Dr. Capps availability
                            Task complete: the president is available.
                            Remaining Budget verified with Diane as $1,580

             Dominick suggested a Latin theme to the event for the week of “Cinco De Mayo”
                Confidence expressed that the broad Latin influence would provide good variety
                Frozen Slurppy-type machine discussed for drink making
                Rodizio Grill-style meat serving contemplated
                Budget for food planned near $900
                            Stations discussed again as they alleviate congestion in food lines

 John to create event teaser for the bulletin
                Blurb about event start at 11pm and taking a seat until Dr. Capps opens the meeting

 Kitty to check with the cultural committee and the student ambassadors for ideas and availability

 Joseph to contact Lorenz Chan to ask about Spanish Club involvement and pictures for slideshow

 Alison to make slide show of Latin American/Hispanic locations with pictures perhaps from:
                Lorenz Chan (joseph will contact)

 Sarah to Schedule the Multi-Purpose room

 Sarah to take care of Door Prizes

 Jeannie to work on Décor
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