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Social Events Committee Meeting  (Tuesday, November 10, 2015)

Meeting Held on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 in Merritt Hall Room 5142 at 1 pm.
Present:  Kitty Daniel, Sarah Jarrett, Gayle Kiger, John Lofaso, Dominick Launi and Tim Wilhelm
The meeting was opened with the selection of a Chairman and Recorder for this Committee.
Sarah Jarrett volunteered to be the Chairman of the Social Events Committee and Tim Wilhelm volunteered to be the Recorder.  With no objections from the committee members, the motion passed.
Sarah provided a nice Checklist for the Faculty/Staff Luncheon for the Social Events Committee to use based on past success.
The date for the Fall 2015 Faculty/Staff Luncheon is Thursday December 17,2015, 11am – 1pm.  The event to be located in the Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room.
The date for this event was chosen due to the exam schedule that the Culinary Arts Students had to follow earlier in the week of this event.  This date was chosen to make it easier on the Culinary Arts Students and their Program Director, Dominick Launi and his staff.
The theme for this Fall 2015 Faculty/Staff Luncheon is “Holiday Tailgate Brunch”
It is a theme that puts the date of our event right after the World Series, near College Football Bowl Time and during the NFL Pro-Football Season.  As in Tailgating time at the game!  It was suggested that any Faculty or Staff who will be attending this Fall 2015 Luncheon can wear their favorite teams colors or Jersey in any sport, pro or college level!
The retirees will be invited to the Fall 2015 Faculty/Staff Luncheon with 30-40 expected to attend.
The Social Events Committee will have a $3,600 total budget for 2 events.  $1,800 for each event.
For the Fall 2015 Holiday Tailgate Brunch, it is estimated that our budget will be as follows:
$1,000 for Food (provided by our CVCC Culinary Arts Department)
$500 for Gift Cards
$300 for Decorations
$1,800 Total
Gayle volunteered to get the Gift Cards for the Holiday Bowl Brunch which will include:
Sheetz - $15, $15, $20
Walmart - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
Target - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
Kroger - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
Amazon - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
3 pair of (2) movie tickets to Regal Cinema ($17 for each pair from Student Activities or same price at Sam’s Club.
As a Grand Prize to be given away, Dominick will kindly donate a 5 piece commercial knife set with the mention of the merchant “Mercer”.  The knife set includes a chef knife, boning knife, pairing knife and fork, etc.
A master list of each gift card will be created in advance that will include:  a copy of the bar code, the name of the vendor, the amount of the gift card, a place to list the name of the winner, and a place for the winner to sign when the gift card is received.
This master list document will be submitted to Accounting following the Holiday Bowl Brunch.
John Lofaso volunteered to make the invitation to the Holiday Bowl Brunch with a PDF file to submit to Diane Sykes to be placed on the Daily Bulletin.  He also volunteered to communicate with the IT department to upload or access Christmas Music to be played during the Holiday Bowl Brunch on the sound system in the Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room.
It should be noted that some sort of attention should be placed on the projector view screen for all to see to cue the attendees to find and have a seat before the food is served to allow Dr. Capps to present the Welcome and perhaps a blessing over the food.
Sarah and Tim volunteered to be on the decoration committee for this event.  Going with a sports theme for the decorations in which it was suggested to check the Oriental Trader Web Site for ideas.
Team Flags and Footballs for the event as some decoration ideas.
The decorations for the event should be put up on Wednesday December 16, 2015 in the afternoon, which is one day prior to the event.
Dominick volunteered to meet with Building and Grounds to lay out the tables and chairs in the Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room for the event.
Dominick presented the Tailgate Theme in which there will be 5 stationary Brunch stations, a beverage station and a dessert station.
Station 1:  Omelet’s to Order (with Fried potatoes, biscuits, ham slices)
Station 2:  Chili-Cook-off Station:  The idea of two faculty to give Dominick a recipe for their chili and the
                  Culinary Arts Department will prepare the recipes.  The best chili from the two to be voted on.
Station 3:  Soups, Salads, Fresh Bread
Station 4:  Braatts, Italian Sausage served on Pretzel Buns.
Station 5:  Casserole Station:  Mac&Cheese, Chicken Wings, Scalloped Potatoes
                   (Vegan Foods available)
Dessert Station:  Apple Walnut and Carrot Cake, Cookies
Beverage Station
Dominick presented an idea:  To open his commercial kitchen in the Culinary Arts Building to interested faculty to come and cook for a Luncheon Event or learn to cook in a real Commercial Kitchen for a Luncheon Event.
The committee decided to meet one more time to touch base with each other before the Holiday Bowl Brunch on Tuesday December 1, 2015 at 1 pm.  The room meeting location to be decided.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm.
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