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Social Events Committee Meeting  (Tuesday, December 1, 2015)

Meeting Held on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 in Merritt Hall Room Conference Room at 1 pm.
Present:  Sarah Jarrett, Gayle Kiger, John Lofaso, Dominick Launi, Trina Boyd and Tim Wilhelm
The meeting was opened by Sarah Jarrett, Chairman with Dominick presenting the menu for the Holiday Luncheon which may include the following:
Station 1:  Omelets Station cooked to order with ingredients (peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, salsa, mushrooms)  Home-fried potatoes, Heated ham platter, Southern Style Biscuits.  It was suggested by Gayle to add Gravy with the biscuits and by John to add Tortillas.
Dominick suggested this station be the center station.  Center and at the back of the room.  5 to 6 omelets to order at a time.
Station 2:  Soup, Bread and Side Station (Vegan signs were suggested for this Station), Macaroni and Cheese, Scalloped potatoes, Teriyaki and Buffalo Wings, Blue Cheese/Celery sticks.  It was suggested by Dominick to have Regular Size Bread Bowls, which was accepted by the Committee as a wonderful idea.
Station 3:  Brats, Kielbasa, Italian, Vegetable Sausages, Pretzel Rolls, Onions, Peppers, Kraut.
Station 4:  Chile cook-off station; two prepared chili’s from two recipes provided by the faculty and staff of CVCC.  It was suggested by Dominick to omit the Homemade Corn Bread from this station in replacement by the Bread Bowls.
Station 5:  Salad station with dressings.
Station 6:  Dessert station with puff pastry Sopapillas with honey, apple walnut cake, carrot cake, assorted cookies.
Drink station:  Iced sweet tea and plain tea and water.  Gayle suggested to have coffee too.
Dominick stated he requires his students to participate in 2 events per semester and he needs a 2 day prep time.  Each student is assigned a station to prep.
Dominick’s prep days will be Tuesday Dec. 15 and Wednesday Dec. 16:  All committee members are welcome to stop by and help.
It was suggested to have menu signs made to sit on the guest’s tables with blue and silver borders with a black border around the menu.  Dominick will get with John on the menu to make for each table.
Sarah suggested having chili cook-off voting slips for guests to place their vote on the best chili.  They will need to be counted by the Committee during the luncheon.
A sign for the vegetable sausages that says (Vegan) will help guests determine a vegan food.
John presented the Holiday Luncheon invitation.  With a few modifications the invitation was approved for distribution.  He would like team props to be brought for the photo booth.
The invitation needs to be sent to Dianne Sykes for the Daily Bulletin and try to ask her to enlarge it if possible and also mail the invitation to the retirees to be sent out this week December 1-4, 2015.
The Luncheon time was changed to 11:15 am – 2:00 pm to catch the break time between exams to encourage faculty who are giving exams to come to the Holiday Luncheon.
The Photo Booth by John Lofaso:
-          Set up a light, camera and back drop.
-          Multiple memory cards to try to run on the back drop screens during the luncheon.
-          Add props like:  foam fingers, team flags, blow up paddles, cheese head hats, pennants and pon- poms.
-          Discussed a possible prize for most team spirited presented with a fake $1 million dollar bill by Dominick.
Gayle Kiger presented an update on the Gift Cards:  She bought all except the Sheetz.  The proper forms are made for accounting for the gift card receipt requirement when people win the cards.
Sarah gave an update on the decorations:
-          3 center pieces per table
-          Plastic bowls with blue and silver ornaments
-          Foam finger in each bowl
-          Trophy’s possibly to be painted
-          Greenery:  16 center pieces also given away as door prizes.
-          Dominick said he could bring some batter-operated clear lights to put around the centerpieces.
Tim suggested a Power-point running loop of cartoon Christmas Characters to be running on the view screens during the luncheon.  If the photo-both camera goes live, this presentation will be available as a back-up.
Holiday Luncheon Table Decorating will be Wednesday December 16, 2015 at 1pm in the Merritt Hall Multi-purpose room.  Any committee members are encouraged to attend and help.  Dominick will have the white paper table cover rolls for the tables there.  Please bring masking tape, plant pruners and scotch tape to the decorating event.
Sarah volunteered to bring the Christmas CD’s and that we will need to get new 2 part tickets for the door prizes.  John suggested that we give out an extra ticket if the guest wears a team color or jersey or some item showing their team.
Sarah divided the event up into job duties:
  Check in Table:  John & Tim    Give out door prize tickets, ask the guest to put name and number on one and keep it, give the other to the guest.
  Photo Booth:  John will ask a student to help.
  Prizes Given away:  Gayle and Tim to run them out to the winners.
Dominick suggested 5 Grand Prizes for 5 couples:  Valentines Day Dinner for 2 by Dominick on Friday February 12, 2015 in the Culinary Arts Building.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.
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