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Social Events Committee Meeting  (Tuesday, January 12, 2016)
Meeting Held on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 in Merritt Hall Room 5124 at 1 pm.
Present:  Sarah Jarrett, Gayle Kiger, John Lofaso, Dominick Launi, Kitty Daniel and Tim Wilhelm
The meeting was opened by Sarah Jarrett, Chairman giving everyone on the Social Events Committee a Kudos for a wonderfully executed Holiday Bowl Brunch Social in December 2015.
There were no complaints about this event.
The Chili Cook-off was a big hit.
The Photo Booth was a big hit.
Dominick indicated that the food side ran smoothly.
The Stations were a great idea, but still trying to get people out of the Buffet Style mode and not have to stand in line is still a small challenge.  People are not used to going from station to station in any order…yet!  But, hopefully with more of these events with stations, people will get used to the idea and not be an issue in the future. 
There was a suggestion that was received by this committee to have a decaffeinated beverage that was not water.  Dominick stated that this can be arranged at future events.
It seemed noticeable that there were less faculty present at this event that could have been due to the date we set for this event due to the Fall 2015 Exam Schedule.
Dominick indicated he prepared the same amount of food but had less left over.  So the people that came, ate or they took home a lot of the leftovers, which was a good thing.
The time of the Holiday Bowl Brunch was 11:15 am – 2:00 pm but was over at 1:30 pm.  Will need to keep any eye on the closing early time in case there are people coming late at 1:30 pm with still 30 minutes to go.
John Lofaso is making arrangements to have the photo’s from his photo booth from the Holiday Bowl Brunch uploaded in a folder on Communications Central with an “everyone” email letting them know the photo’s are there for them to see.
It was also noted in this Social Events Committee Meeting that the winners of the Valentine’s Day Dinner Prizes need to email Dominick to let him know if they intend to come.  It was also suggested that we look up who the winners were and send them a reminder email to do so.
The committee then looked over the Even Year exam schedule to begin planning the next event for the Spring Semester which ends in May 2016.  This event will also include the retirement luncheon.
Two Cautionary Dates to keep in mind when planning the Spring Social is:
Friday April 29, 2016:  The CVCC Student Picnic in the Quad is planned.
Thursday May 12, 2016:  The CVCC Graduation Ceremony at Liberty University’s Vines Center
It was suggested to attach a small survey to the “everyone” email going out with the Holiday Bowl Brunch Photo’s on Communications Central that will ask: To help the Social Events Committee to more effectively schedule and plan future Social Events, If you were not able to come to the Fall 2015 Holiday Bowl Brunch, let us know by clicking on one of the following responses
·         Giving an exam.
·         Had a Scheduling Conflict
·         Not on Campus at the time of the Social
·         Other
·         And What is your favorite movie?  (Possible Planning for the next Social event)
Sarah agreed to add this survey to the email going out to “everyone” when the Holiday Photo’s are up on Communications Central.
The Next Spring 2016 Social Event in May 2016.
There are two possible dates that were discussed to schedule our next Social Event.
Monday May 2, 2016  (The last day of classes)  Hopes for this date is to have as many faculty on campus so they can attend.
Tuesday May 3, 2016 (The first day of exams)
Dominick indicated that he still needs 2 days of prep time, but he will not have a Monday Evening Lab of the May 2-6, 2016 week which will open his kitchen for prep time after 1 pm on Monday May 2, 2016.
The Budget so far:            Total Budget : $3,600
December 2015 Holiday Bowl Brunch Costs:       Food:  $1,300
                                                                                      Decorations:  $200
                                                                                      Gift Cards:  $500
                                              Total Spent:  $2,000
                                              Total left to spend for the May 2016 Social Event:  $1,600
With the Retirement Luncheon as a part of this Social Event an additional $600 has been given to the Social Events Committee in the past.  If this money is allocated we will have $2,200 to spend on this May 2016 Social Event.
Gift Cards will still be a part of the May 2016 Social Event.  Typically $500 worth of Gift Cards are purchased for the Social Events but as we look at the food cost, the gift card total can be reduced some to add to the food cost budget.
The Merritt Hall Holiday Bowl Brunch Lay out map was handed out to the Committee members showing the numbers of tables and chairs set up for the December 2015 event.  It included 7 rows of tables with a total of 153 seats for the event.  This Layout Map will be uploaded on the Social Events Committee folder on Communications Central for all to have as long as the site exists.
Possible themes for the next May 2016 Social Event were brought up:
·         Spring Fling
·         Beach Blanket Buffett
·         Murder Mystery Theme (Food representing a clue to a mystery)
·         Summer Olympics Theme (This year held in Brazil)  Portuguese Food as a possibility.
·         Great Old Movies Theme  (this theme was most popular with the committee as the discussion continued)
The committee expanded on the Great Old Movies Theme with a lively discussion.
“A Day at the Movies”   or “A Meal at the Movies”  or “Movie and a Meal”
The idea around the Old Movie Theme is the name of an Old Movie to represent the type of food presented at each food station.
For Example: 
·         Station 1:  Gone with the Wind:  introducing Southern Style Food (Fried Chicken!!)
·         Station 2:  Fried Green Tomatoes:  Tomato Dishes
·         Station 3:  Jaws or Elvis Beach Movies:  Seafood Dishes (Caution:  Seafood is expensive)  How about hushpuppies??
·         Station 4:  The Godfather:  Italian Dishes:  Lasagna, Pasta Dishes
·         Station 5:  Sherlock Holmes:  English Dishes
·         Station 6:  Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:  The Dessert Station (A brilliant suggestion by Dominick!!)
Decorations can be matched with an Old Movie or Movie Theater atmosphere with short clips of great old movies presented or photos of the old movie posters presented.  Popcorn buckets can be purchased and filled with Movie Paraphernalia for table decorations.  Candies that are sold in a movie theater like Mr. Goodbars or Goobers or Junior mints can be spread out on the tables like a movie concession stand.  Decorating the event like a movie theater.
A popcorn machine can be borrowed from Student Activities to have popcorn made and given out during the event. Maybe as they leave, they can take some with them.
The Photo Booth could have possible theater props for the pictures, if the Photo Booth is decided to be used this time.  (John…?)
Guests could be asked to dress up and come as their favorite movie character for an extra door prize ticket. (Lots of Star Wars characters coming??)
Sarah asked all of the Committee members to think about an old movie and a food that can go with that movie for further suggestions for our next meeting.
The next social events committee meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 1 pm in Merritt Hall, Room 5142.
The Meeting was adjourned at 1:56 pm.
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