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Committee Name:     Social Events Committee
Meeting Date:             March 1, 2016, 1:00 PM
Members Present:     Dominick Launi, John Lofaso, Gayle Kiger, Sarah Jarrett (Chair)
Members Absent:      Tim Wilhelm (Recorder), Kitty Daniel, Trina Boyd
This was a rescheduled meeting due to our last scheduled meeting occurring on a snow day.  It was impossible to find a date when all could attend.
Topics of Discussion:
Date for Spring Social:
We selected Tuesday, May 3 from 11:15 AM – 1:30 PM for the Spring Social, which is during the (mostly) open exam time.  This date was already on hold with the President’s Office and for the Multi-Purpose Room.  Sarah will confirm this date with both parties.
Theme for Spring Social:
In reviewing the movie ideas for the Spring Social, it was discussed that it might be challenging to offer a theme to reflect the particular movies listed.  We continued the brainstorm and discussed having a “Classic Westerns” theme.  This would allow for some fun and easy theme ideas, with western attire, bandanas, the burlap from the fall social, etc.  We are tentatively calling the event “Spring Roundup.”  Committee members should continue to brainstorm ideas on this theme for the next meeting.
Food for Spring Social:
The Classic Westerns theme also works well for Culinary Arts.  This will allow Dominick to use some existing stores of meat, which will also help our budget.  In addition, this will offer more of a traditional Southern/comfort food theme, which was identified as something people missed from the past.  Dominick will work up a menu and will present it at the meeting on March 29.
Budget for Spring Social:
Dianne Sykes emailed an update on our budget and we have $1,574.13 remaining.  Since the spring social is also the retiree luncheon, she can offer up to $1,000 additional funds as needed.  Food costs are expected to be about $1,400 with the extra participants and the ability to use up some stored food.  If we spend $500 on gift cards and $200 on decorations as in the past, we will be well within the extra $1,000 that is available.
Numbers for Spring Social:
We usually plan for about 200 people.  With the retirees being honored and the previous retirees being invited, we will plan the food for 275.
Decorations and Activities for Spring Social:
We’d like to continue the Photo Booth for the Spring Social and will work on getting some Western themed props.  We would also like to have clips of old westerns running on the screens during the luncheon.  We need a committee volunteer to work on the clips.  Sarah (and Tim?) will work on decorations.  If any committee members have any connections with anything “western”—friends or businesses who might have props we can borrow, please let Sarah or Tim know.
We received 47 responses to the mini-survey.  No clear reasons were indicated about why folks were unable to attend.  A mix of schedule conflicts seem to be what caused those who responded on the survey not to attend (11 of the 47).  A wide mix of movies was identified as well.  In the open-ended comments, there were a few negatives about food and some feelings of unhappiness about the change to Culinary Arts from Charley’s Catering for these events.  There was also some discussion about seeking some “comfort food” or “Southern food” and this issue should be addressed by the theme and menu at this year’s spring social.  There were also many positive comments about the theme, the fun had at the event, the food, and the chance to mingle with colleagues.
50th Anniversary of CVCC:
2016 marks a 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of CVCC.  There will be some celebration events planned this year and the Social Committee is likely to part of that planning process.  Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

Next Meeting:
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29 at 1:00 PM in Merritt 5142.
minutes submitted by Sarah Jarrett, Chair.
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