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Social Events Committee Meeting  (Tuesday, March 29, 2016)

Meeting Held on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 in Merritt Hall Room 5142 at 1 pm.
Present:  Sarah Jarrett, Gayle Kiger, John Lofaso, Kitty Daniel, Dominick Launi, and Tim Wilhelm
The meeting was opened by Sarah Jarrett, Chairman:
The Theme of the Spring Luncheon is “Spring Roundup”  A Western oriented d├ęcor and food.
The Date of the Spring Luncheon is Tuesday May 3, 2016 from 11:15 am – 1:30 pm.
The Spring Luncheon will also include a Retirement Program during this event.
The Spring Luncheon is also an optional Dress Up in Western Wear event.  If you dress up you will get one extra ticket for the drawing of the gift cards.
A.  The Photo Booth
John Lofaso will kindly bring back the Photo Booth which was a big hit at the Christmas Social last year.
He is looking into a consignment shop called Western Ways for props for the Western Themed Photo Booth for this Spring Luncheon.
Gayle is borrowing a Western Saddle.
Sarah is looking at props like stick horses, moustaches, cowboy hats, bandana’s and Sheriff’s badges.  Also it was suggested that a cardboard frame saying “Wanted” would be a prop to consider for the Photo Booth.
B.  General Decorations
Table decorations include the rolled paper table covers provided by Dominick with the Burlap Ribbons used at the Christmas Social.  The Dollar Tree has cowboy hats and bandanas as possible table decorations.  It was suggested that mason jars could be center pieces wrapped with a cloth strip and tied around the jars with twine and tumble weed placed inside the jars.  It was also suggested that bottles could be used decorated with a small cloth around the neck of the bottle like a bandana and topped with a small cowboy hat.
C.  Prizes
     Gayle has kindly agreed to purchase $500 worth of Gift Cards similar to ones purchased for the Christmas Social.
     An extra ticket for the gift card drawings will be given to those people who come dressed in Western Wear.
D.  The Menu
     Dominick presented the Menu for the Spring Roundup Social.
The menu includes Old West Recipes:
Braised Beef Brisket with coffee/chipotle rub (Hand carved at the Station)
Hunters Chicken n Dumplings
Lazy B Corn Fritters
Cowboy Beans (Baked beans with three types of beans)
Campfire Potatoes (A Potato Bar with toppings such as chives, cheddar cheese, etc.)  The potato will be partially hollowed out, wrapped and heated to make it easier on the guests to add toppings.
Chuck Wagon Stew (All Vegetarian)
Tossed Salad at a Salad Station or Bar with all of the toppings available.
Apple Crisp
Doc Holiday’s Peach Cobbler and Ice Cream
Ranch Hand Oatmeal Cookies
Lemonade, Tea, Water and Coffee.
It was suggested that the coffee should be presented as Really Bad Campfire Coffee.  (Hot as He__, Black as Night and Strong as Death)!
E.  The Budget
      Beginning Balance:      $1,574.00
      Dianne Sykes can add $1,000 as a contribution due to the Retirees and Retirement Program added to the Luncheon agenda.
      For a Total of:  $2,574
      Gift Cards:       -$500
      Decorations:   -$300 or less
      Food:               -$1,500  or less_______
   Ending Balance:  $274
F.  Assignments for the Spring Luncheon
     Gift Cards:  Gayle
     Gift Card Accounting Forms:  Gayle
     Table Decorations:  Sarah & Tim
     Slideshow:  Tim
     Invitation:  John
     Book Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room and Request Event Set-up through Building & Grounds:  Sarah
Tim to try to find a dinner bell.
It was suggested to have music playing at the start of the luncheon and slowly take it out as the luncheon progressed.
Dominick also mentioned that there were 2 faculty that contacted him on the same day as having a conflict with the Tuesday May 3 date of the Spring Luncheon.  Rebuttal comments from the Social Events Committee members included considering the best date possible to be able to include as many faculty and staff possible and working around the Final Exam Week schedule and most importantly Dominick’s schedule with his students.  To date, no other committee members have received any further comments about the date of the Spring 2016 Luncheon.
There will be another Called Social Events Committee Meeting to Finalize the Spring Roundup Luncheon with the committee members on Tuesday April 19, 2016 at 1 pm.  The meeting room will be announced at a later time.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:46 pm.
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