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Social Events Committee Meeting  (Tuesday, September 27, 2016)

Meeting Held on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in Amherst Hall Room 2309 at 1 pm.
Present:  Gayle Kiger, Tim Wilhelm, John Lofaso, Kitty Daniel, Layia Perry, Michel Mavinga
The meeting was opened by Tim Wilhelm welcoming our newest members Layia Perry and Michel Mavinga and welcoming and introducing the veteran members of the committee.
A.  Old business:  The Social Events Committee membership was finalized for this year thanks to Gayle.
The Social Events Committee members for this year are:  Kitty Daniel, Lisa Hodges, Gayle Kiger, Dominick Launi, John Lofaso, Michel Mavinga, Layia Perry, Sandra Viar, and Tim Wilhelm.
The Social Events Committee tabled the selection of a Chairman for this committee until the next meeting on Thursday October 6, 2016 at 1 pm.  Meeting room TBA.
2016-2017 Budget:
Gayle was kind enough to meet with Dianne Sykes to determine the budget given to the Social Events Committee for 2016-2017.
We have a budget of $3600 plus $1000 Dianne Sykes can add for both Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Social Events.  Total $4600
Holiday Social     Fall 2016                                                   Spring Social   Spring 2017
Food $1,000  +or- $500                                                        Food $1,000 + or - $500
Gift Cards:  $500                                                                    Gift Cards:  $500
Decorations:  $300                                                                Decorations:  $300
Total:  $1800   +or- $500                                                     Total:  $1800 +or- $500      Grand Total:  $4600
*Service Awards presented at this event.                *Retirement Ceremony held during this event
*Cougar Awards presented at this event                   *Outstanding employee awards presented here.
*Retirees invited                                                                 *Retirees invited
B.  New Business
·         Tim met with Dominick on Monday September 26, 2016 to determine a Date to hold the Holiday Social Event.
o   The date best for Dominick was chosen to be Thursday December 15, 2016 in Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room from 11:15 am – 1:30 pm
o   The set up and decoration for the event date is Wednesday December 14, 2016 at
1 pm.
o   The date was given to Dianne Sykes and Dr. Capps to make sure they were available to attend on the above date.  It is a good date for both.
o   Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room has been reserved for both days December 14 and 15 for the Holiday Social through Facilities Management.
o   The Service Awards and Cougar Awards are presented at this Holiday Social.
o   The Retirees are also invited to attend.
·         Dominick has requested to present an idea to the Social Events Committee for consideration at the next Social Events Committee scheduled for October 6, 2016 at 1 pm.  Meeting room TBA.
·         On behalf of Francis Dye of the Classified Staff, Gayle was kind enough to present information to the Social Events Committee about two exciting events coming up to participate in and to get the word out to all.
o   First Fridays Meet & Greet    Friday October 7   5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
At the second floor gallery of the Riverviews Artspace.
Socialize with Co-workers, Enjoy Live Music, Stroll Downtown venues, Food trucks.
The event is hosted by CVCC and co-sponsored by the Culture, Diversity and International Education Committee.            
o   CVCC 50 year Anniversary Homecoming Event    Saturday November 5  11:30 am – 3:00 pm
Live Music, Food Trucks, Drink Trucks, Games and CVCC Memorabilia from the past on display.
More information on flyers to come!!              
·         Gayle has once again kindly agreed to purchase $500 of Gift Cards for this upcoming Holiday Social.  Last year we had the following gift cards that were given out as door prizes.
o   Sheets - $15, $15, $20
o   Walmart - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
o   Target - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
o   Kroger - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
o   Amazon - $20¸$20, $20, $20, $20
o   3 pair of (2) movie tickets to Regal Cinema from Student Activities.
·         John Lofaso has agreed to bring back the Photo Booth for this upcoming Holiday Social event. It is always a hit at this event.  John suggested a wonderful idea of using a Live “Santa Clause” dressed up for guests to get a picture with at this event.  Gayle indicated that she has two wooden reindeer that we can use. 
·         John has also kindly indicated that he can put together the invitation for this event once again.  They are always great ones!
·         Kitty has kindly agreed to coordinate any student ambassadors needed to help with this event based on Dominick’s needs and will coordinate this with him.
·         Tim has agreed to put together a Holiday Slide Show to have projected on the two screens in Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room during this event.  Also a Welcome message projected onto the two screens asking guests to have a seat and wait until Dr. Capps welcomes the event.
·         Music will be downloaded by Thomas from IT to have Holiday Music Playing during the event.  Tim will coordinate the music with Thomas for this event.
·         The Social Events Committee members agreed to schedule another meeting on Thursday October 6, 2016 at 1 pm in order to allow Dominick to attend.  The Committee members wanted to ask Dominick if the meeting can be held in the Culinary Arts Center in the Atrium.  Tim has agreed to ask Dominick about this meeting area for the next meeting.  If not, Tim will schedule another room to meet in for this next meeting and will email the committee members the meeting room number when reserved.
·          Pending an idea presented by Dominick to the Social Events Committee, the next meeting on October 6, 2016 will focus on a Theme for this year’s Holiday Social Event.  Several idea’s have been presented from a previous meeting for all members to think about and bring any ideas to the next meeting.  The Theme will allow us to proceed with ideas on a menu selection and decorations.  Here are some suggestions to fill in the blanks with.
For Example:  Silver Bells and Brunch; Candy Canes and Chicken; Snowflakes and Salad Bar; A Marshmallow Roast; Presents…Packages…and Pies; Greeting Cards and Collard Greens!!  Just making up some examples to get the idea juices flowing!!
o   A marshmallow world…
o   Marshmallow Roast…
o   Elf on the ….
o   Christmas Carol…
o   Ho! Ho! Ho!...
o   12 Days of Christmas…
o   Greeting Cards and ….
o   Snowflake…
o   Twas the Night before….
o   Santa Hat Party…where guests wear Santa Hats.
o   Jingle Bell…
o   Deck the halls…
o   Better not Pout…
o   Naughty or Nice…
o   Presents…packages…and….
o   Let it snow…
o   Old fashioned Dicken’s Christmas
o   A North Pole…
o   Santa’s Workshop….
o   Candy Canes and ….
o   White Christmas…
o   Silver Bells and ….
o   Winter Wonderland
o   Deck the Halls….
o   Holiday Greetings
o   Holiday Greeting Cards and ….
The next Social Events Committee Meeting will be held on Thursday October 6, 2016 at 1 pm.  Meeting room will be announced at a later time.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:49 pm
Respectfully submitted:
Tim Wilhelm
Social Events Committee Recorder
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