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Called Social Events Committee Meeting  (December 1, 2016)
Meeting Held on Thursday, December 1, 2016 in the Culinary Arts Dining Area at 1 pm.
Present: Gayle Kiger, Kitty Daniel, Dominick Launi, John Lofaso, Tim Wilhelm, Lisa Hodges
This was a called meeting to finalize the plans for the “New York Metro Magic” Holiday Social to be held in the Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room on Thursday, December 15, 2016 from 11:15 am to 1:30 pm.
Old business:  None
New business: 
The Social Events Committee members agreed to meet on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 1pm in the Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room to decorate for the Holiday Social. 
·         Please bring Tape with you!
·         Tim has contacted Mr. Ron Parker and Ms. Teri Brothers to schedule the set-up of Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room by 1pm on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 and emailed a copy of the layout of the room to them. 
·         Tim has contacted Thomas for his Audio/Video set up and asked if he could meet us on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at approximately 1 pm in the Multipurpose Room.  He is aware of our special guest singer and possible audio requirements and a tentative list of the events during the Luncheon which will be finalized with him on this day.
Gayle organized our Committee Member Duties during the Event as follows:  (Thank you Gayle!)
Committee Member Duties:
·         Check-in Table  (Tim to bring the door prize tickets, pens & bucket for tickets for Check-in)
o   Lisa (Thank you Lisa!)
o   Kitty (Thank you Kitty!)
o   Layia (Thank you Layia!)
                             (It was agreed by the Committee to give an extra door prize ticket to anyone who wore
                               something of Christmas including jewelry and/or something of New York!!)
·         Greeters
o   Gayle  (Thank you Gayle!)
o   Tim
·         Draw and Read Out names of prize winners
o   Gayle
o   Tim
o   Dianne Sykes to oversee the signing/recording of the gift card winners
·         Food
o   Dominick Launi and Crew (Thank you Dominick!)
o   Dominick has requested 5 student ambassadors to assist and to be there on the event day at 10 am.  (Kitty will contact Kimberly to arrange for 5 student ambassadors to help)
·         Photo Booth
o   John  (Thank you John!)
o   Danny  (Thank you Danny!)
                            (The Photo Booth props and City Background are delivered to John)
·         Special Live Entertainment
o   Caitlin Sunde  (Thank you Caitlin!)
                             Kitty presented the Committee with a wonderful idea of a live singer of Christmas tunes
                             during the Holiday Luncheon.  (Thank you Kitty!)
                             Kitty presented Caitlin Sunde to the Social Events Committee for a demonstration of her
                             singing skills.  All I have to say after Caitlin’s demonstration is “WOW”!  This will be an
                             added bonus to an already wonderful event taking shape!
Caitlin asked to sing for her school during her favorite Holiday because of the wonderful  things that her school has done for her.
Caitlin was invited and has agreed to come on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 1 pm during decoration time to meet with Thomas to set up any audio needs she may have and to do a sound check to make sure everything will work for her on the Event day.
·         Invitations
John has graciously agreed to put together the invitation to the Social Event and will send a copy out to the Committee to review before he submits it to Dianne Sykes to replace our “save-a-date” version on the Daily Bulletin with his way better version!!
(Thank you John!)
Dianne has sent the “save-a-date” version to the Retirees just to let them know to mark their calendars for this event already, but am sure she would also welcome the invitation to send as well.
·         Decorations
o   All are delivered and ready to go.
o   Two inch Christmas Ribbon down the middle of the tables.
o   24 stem-less wine glasses decorated for the Holidays to be placed on tables and given out as door prizes at the end of the Social Event.
o   16 Glass New York City Background Centerpieces with a lighted Tea light in each with a Red Swirling Ribbon around each also to be given out as door prizes at the end of the Social Event.
o   Small New York Building confetti to spread around on the tables.
o   Small Holiday Name cards to spread around the tables.
o   Lighted green Holiday Garland to place around the Podium.
o   Tim will put together a running slide show of New York at Christmas and a Welcome Slide asking our guests to have a seat before the Welcome and Blessing time.
·         The Menu is a go per Dominick.  (Thank you Dominick)
Station 1:  Little Italy:  
·         Cheese Lasagna (No beef)
·         Neapolitan Pizza
·         Italian Wedding Soup
·         Chicken Parmesan
·         Caprese Salad (with Mozzarella and a Balsamic Glaze.)
·         Italian Cream Cake
Station 2:  China Town Theme: 
·         Beef and Broccoli
·         Fried Rice
·         Vegetable Egg Rolls
·         Asian Potstickers
·         Cold Sesame Noodles (rice noodles)
Station 3:  Greek Festival:
·         Spanakopita (spinach and feta cheese pie wrapped in filo dough)
·         Roasted lamb with tzatziki sauce
·         Moussaka with eggplant and mushroom
·         Greek Salad
·         Baklava
·         Fasolada (Greek vegetable white bean soup)
Station 4:  New York Deli Scene:
·         Steamed Corned Beef with swiss cheese/slaw
·         Chicken Noodle soup
·         Waldorf salad
·         New York Cheesecake with Fruit Toppings
Drinks:  Coffee & Tea
Gift Card Door Prizes:  Gayle (Thank you Gayle!)  (Gayle will bring the Gift Cards and Gift Card Roster)
·         Sheets:  $15, $15, $20
·         Walmart:  $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
·         Target:  $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
·         Kroger:  $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
·         Amazon:  $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
·         3 pair of (2) movie tickets to Regal Cinemas from Student Activities
 The Agenda for the Holiday Social Luncheon (Thank you Gayle!)
·         As Arrive:
o   Check-in, fill out tickets for door prizes
o   Photo Booth (ongoing)
o   Live Entertainment by Caitlin (ongoing)
·         11:15 am:
o   Welcome by Dr. Capps (Gayle has asked him)
o   Blessing by Dr. Mickles (Gayle has asked her)
o   Dismissal for food tables (Hoping that Dominick wouldn’t mind getting up and letting people know where Little Italy is and the food there, where Chinatown is and the food there, etc. and let our guests know that don’t have to stand in one big line to get food but to go to the station they think they would like to sample.
·         12:00 pm:
o   No Cougar Awards being presented this year at our event per Debra Short.  (Thank you Gayle for checking on this!!)
o   Draw for Door Prizes (13)
·         12:45 pm:
o   Service Award Presentations by Dr. Capps
o   HR indicated that there are +/- 35 of them. (Thank you Gayle for checking on this too!)
o   Draw for Door Prizes (13)
·         1:15 pm:
o   Draw/Notify guests how to win a wine glass centerpiece door prize (24 of them) or a Glass New York City Background Centerpiece door prize (16 of them)
·         1:30 pm:
o   Dismissal and Thanks for Attending
The Social Events Committee will be gathering to decorate for the Holiday Social on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 1pm in the Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room.  Bring some tape!!
The Holiday Social Luncheon “New York Metro Magic” will be on Wednesday, December 15, 2016 from 11:15 am – 1:30 pm.
This was our last meeting of the Social Events Committee for the semester and 2016!  See you in 2017!!
The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 pm
Respectfully submitted:
Tim Wilhelm
Social Events Committee Recorder
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