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Scheduled Social Events Committee Meeting  (Tuesday, March 28, 2017)________________________
A regularly scheduled Social Events Committee meeting was held on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 in the Culinary Arts Dining Area at 1 pm.
Present:  Gayle Kiger, Dominick Launi, Tim Wilhelm, John Lofaso, Layia Perry and Michel Mavinga
Old business: As follows:
The Event Date and Time:
o   The date for the 2017 Spring Social is Thursday May 4, 2017 in Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room from 11:15 am – 1:30 pm
o   The set up and decoration for the event date is Wednesday May 3, 2017 at
1 pm.
o   Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room has been reserved for both days May 3 and May 4, 2017 for the Spring Social through Facilities Management.
o   A Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room Diagram of the layout for our event was sent to Kathye Herndon in Facilities Management.
o   The Outstanding Faculty Awards and Faculty Emeritus Awards will be presented at this Spring Social. 
o   The Retiree Recognition Ceremony will also be conducted at this Spring Social. 
The Theme for the Spring Social Luncheon 2017 is:  “CVCC – 50 years in the Commonwealth”. 
New business:
The Budget:  We should have $2648.17 in the budget to spend on this Spring Social with extra funds available from Dianne Sykes.
It is estimated for this Spring Social:  Food = $2,000
                                                                  Gift Cards = $450
                                                                  Decorations = $300
                                                                        Approximate Total:  $2,750
With the extra funds from Dianne Sykes, we should do well for the event with this budget estimate.
To date:  we have spent for this Spring Social:  Food = yet to be determined.
                                                                                   Gift Cards = $450
                                                                                   Decorations = $297.18
                                                                                           Total to date:  $747.18
The Menu:  In keeping with our theme by serving foods from our own Commonwealth!
The “Virginia Commonwealth Cuisine” of possible menu items include:
·         Chesapeake She Crap Soup
·         Stuffed Flounder
·         Grilled vegetables Ratatouille
·         Chicken Virginia OR Pecan crusted Chicken Meuniere (a sautéed Skillet Fried Chicken)
·         Glazed baby carrots
·         Shaved Brussel sprouts
·         Virginia Clise Rolls ( a soft colonial period yeast roll)
·         Spiced Asian Pear Cake
·         Virginia Apple Pudding (a bread pudding)
·         Brunswick Stew
·         Williamsburg Orange Cake or Cupcakes
·         Virginia Style Macaroni Salad
·         Sweet Potato biscuits with Smithfield Ham
·         Virginia Spare Ribs
·         Ramps ( a very good onion-based soup)
·         Salad
Dominick will be fine tuning the menu for the Spring Social.
Noted by Dominick:  CVCC is committed to streamlining the purchasing process with the VCCS Shared Services.  He noted that there will be issues in the future with the purchasing process of items needed for future Social Committee Events.  CVCC is currently a pilot school with this Shared Service in which some of the issues with this transition are currently being worked out.  Dominick will need to place his order in about two weeks.
It was also noted that Dominick will send an email to Dianne Sykes to get an account number for the extra funds he can get from her for the food.
·         There are approximately one dozen small 50 year wooden signs on sticks, large blue and yellow painted “50” letters and big bag of small tiny blue stones that were left over from the 50th anniversary celebration of CVCC that Gayle will bring on the decoration day.
·         All of the decorations have been ordered and received at a cost of $297.18
·         Decorations include:
o   24 (750 ml) Frosted Wine Bottles with LED lights in them.
o   20 small blue decorative bottles with either yellow or white artificial daisies for each bottle.
o   48 small aluminum buckets for peanuts in each.
o   50 yards of Blue Ribbon and 50 yards of Gold Ribbon for the tables.
o   1 garland strand of white spring artificial flowers and 2 artificial pots of yellow chrysanthemums for the Podium.
o   1 (50 year anniversary banner borrowed from facilities management)
o   Photo Booth Props:  1 lifesize cut out of Thomas Jefferson, 1 lifesize cut out of George Washington, 1 facial cutout of Mount Rushmore, a variety of photo stick props.
              * Decoration Day for this event in the Merritt Hall Multipurpose Room will be Wednesday
   May 3, 2017 at 1 pm.  Please bring some tape and scissors with you for decorating.
Photo Booth:  John will be working with Thomas in IT to see if the Projectors in the multipurpose room can be set up for live images as people get their pictures taken at the Photo Booth.  Tim will put together photos to be displayed on the projectors during the Social of past photos taken at past Socials intermixed with photos of and around Virginia.
Gift Card Door Prizes:  $450 of gift card door prizes have been purchased.  If a guest wore their CVCC 50 year anniversary T-shirt or button to the Social they would receive an extra door prize ticket! 
·         Sheets:  $15, $15, $20
·         Walmart:  $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
·         Target:  $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
·         Kroger:  $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
·         Amazon:  $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
·         3 pair of (2) movie tickets to Regal Cinemas from Student Activities
Note:  It was noted by Gayle that for all future Social Events, the purchase of gift cards will also have to go through Shared Services.  Local funds will be turned over to Shared Services.  In the future for all gift card purchases, Chrissy Brannan in the Business Office will have to be contacted about purchasing gift cards.
We will have another called “All hands on Deck” Social Events Committee Meeting on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 1 pm in the Culinary Arts Building Dining Area. 
·         At this meeting, we will finalize all the plans and choose our assignments to work the registration table and gift card giveaways for this event.
It is also noted that Gayle Kiger and Tim Wilhelm are due to rotate off the Social Events Committee this year.
Welcome back Kitty!  We hope you have healed up well!
The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 pm
Respectfully submitted:
Tim Wilhelm
Social Events Committee Recorder
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