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Social Events Committee Meeting Minutes
2/13/18, 1:00 p.m., Culinary Arts building
Members present: John Lofaso, Beth Walkup, Kenneth Bunch, Dominick Launi, Rick Templeton
  • Confirmed spring social date May 3, 11:00.
  • John brought up a decreased interest in the photo booth, discussed other potential options and may do table photos instead for this spring's event.
  • Dominick presented preliminary menu items and a potential theme, "Classics" or "Oldies", which everyone in attendance agreed on.
  • Beth agreed to look into theme related decorations.
  • Dominick asked about music, Rick has contact information for an oldies band and also for Elvis impersonator; it was agreed that the Elvis impersonator should be contacted first for availability and rate.
  • Dominick proposed the idea of having personalized vinyl records.
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