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Social Events Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 1:00

Members present: John Lofaso, Natalie Prue, Beth Walkup, Linda Roberts, Rebecca Honeycutt, Kimberly Williams, Tammy Johnson, Rick Tyler, Rick Templeton

John used the previous checklist from the Spring 2018 social.  Beth recommended a Winter Wonderland theme for the winter luncheon, and a Candyland theme for Spring, all in attendance agreed.  Beth will confirm availability of the Multipurpose room for Tuesday, December 11, 11:15-1:30, with backup dates on Wednesday, December 12 or Thursday, December 13.  Discussed decorating the day before at 1:00.  Tammy will check into providing music via Youtube.

John said Ken Bunch had provided flyers/invitations in the past and likely would again.  Lisa Hodges previously was in charge of giveaways and can help this time but will be leaving the committee so someone else will need to take over.

Previous budget was $2500 for food and decorations, will discuss food options with new culinary director, reuse some decorations from previous Olympic Ville theme from Fall 2017, and order any additional items.  Beth recommended asking Facilities Management again to provide greenery.

Discussed service awards typically presented at the Fall Social, Dianne Sykes usually does invitations.

Discuss alternatives to photo booth but will need to discuss further to finalize.

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