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Committee Name:  Social Events Committee

Meeting Date:  September 25, 2018

Members Present: John Lofaso, Beth Walkup, Tammy Johnson, Ken Bunch, Linda Roberts, Rebecca Honeycutt, Natalie Prue, Mena Hughes

Members Absent: Trina Boyd, Rick Tyler

Old Business: Confirmed date of fall social as Thursday, December 13, and theme of Winter Wonderland.  Confirmed Ken will provide flyer with updates below.  Discussed budget as $3600, split evenly between the fall and spring socials.  Discussed student ambassador help, John will contact Kim French who oversees them.

New Business: Rebecca's saxophone quartet will provide music.  Tammy and Beth presented idea of offering extra door prize tickets to those who bring a food item to donate to the CVCC Food Pantry, all agreed and Ken will include list of needed items obtained from Deanne on flyer.  Ken will send flyer to Dianne last week of November for dissemination to faculty, staff, retirees.  Beth will purchase decorations, Mena will look into ordering table cloths and contact Dominick for rough idea of number of people to prepare for.  All agreed on Natalie's proposal of a grand prize for the ugliest sweater present, judge to be decided on the day of the event.  Tammy and Rebecca asked Mena to consider special dietary requests, such as food allergies and sensitivities.  Discussed getting together the day before (12/12) for decorating.  Someone else will need to handle distribution of gift cards at the event since Natalie will be occupied with music, John said Dianne typically does the recording but one of us will need to hand them out.

Submitted by:  Rick Templeton

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