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Committee Name: Social Events Committee
Meeting Date: 2/18/2019 12:00:00 AM
Rebecca Honeycutt
Rick Tyler
John Lofaso
Natalie Prue
Mena Hughes
Beth Walkup
Tammy Johnson
Ken Bunch
Patrick Templeton
Linda Roberts
Date and time- Sp 19 The committee has decided on Thursday, March 9, 2019 11:15 to 1:30 for the Spring 2019 social event
  • Availability of President and VPs (Need to make sure Dr. Capps and Dr. Mickles can attend the day and time chosen for the event by contacting Diane Sykes to check their schedule)
    Natalie will take care of this task
  • Availability of Culinary Arts students to prepare the food-Mena confirms yes
  • Room Availability – Multipurpose Room-John has reserved for the 8th and 9th
  • Table set up- All
  • A/V equipment needs – IT Department (Need to contact Thomas Turner in IT and meet with him on Decoration Day-John will meet Thomas)
  • Date of Graduation –Wed., May 15
  • Other Important date-New Horizons? No other important date were identified
  • Budget update:  We should still have $2159.68



  • What is the theme? Summer Beach Party
  • Food Plan?
    Shrimp Scampi, Fruit a sculpture, jerked chicken, fruit punch cocktails, key lime pie, ice cream, couscous salad, green summer salad, hot rice dish, Carne Asada
  • Labels for foods being served?
    Culinary will provide labels
  • Menu for tables? No-we decided these are unnecessary
  • Food set-up Double line worked great. We keep this set up
  • Decorations—Beth?  We can reuse many items from the Valentine’s Day 2019 event.  Leis, hula hoop, limbo poll, netting, seashells, colored sand, grass table skirts, palm trees
  • Flyer/invitation—Ken will do the flyer?
  • Giveaways – gift cards, movie tickets- Rebecca Honeycutt will handle purchasing the gift cards and we will use the same procedure for the giveaway and recording as in previous events.
  • Contests?  Beach wear, must conform to employee dress code.
  • Student Ambassadors?  Yes-John will email Kimberly
  • Food-Mena
  • Decorations  (Decoration Day is the Day before the event at 1 pm and has typically lasted about 1.5 to 2 hours, each decorator needs to bring a pair of scissors and scotch tape.
  • Extra people such as retirees-Dianne will send the flyer to retirees for Spring 19
    Committee suggested that Dominique be added to the list of special invitees.
  • Entertainment/Music from Pandora and CDs
  • Sequence of Event Document-John Will put together a few days before event
General Supplies
Table coverings – how many?  Same as last time
Paper products – how many?  Same as last time
2 part tickets for drawings. We have them
Awards and Presentations
Invite Dr. Capps to do a welcome-
Invite Dr. Mickles to do a blessing-
Check with the President’s Office for details on any awards to be given
Spring Social – Retirement recognition is now included – check with the President’s Office for details
Cougar Awards –??
Other discussion Items:
We discussed bring back the Photo booth. John indicated that this was a possibility.
We discussed continuing to take donations for the food bank and the Habitat for Humanity project in exchange for an extra raffle ticket.
Our next meeting is April 2, 2019.
John Lofaso (Chair)
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