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Committee Name: Social Events Committee
Meeting Date: 8/26/2019 12:00:00 AM
Beth Walkup
Mena Hughes
Tammy Johnson
Natalie Prue
Charles Poff
Rick Tyler
Brianna Teague (Culinary Arts student representative)
Anna Boardwine (Culinary Arts student representative)
Rick Templeton
Rebecca Honecutt
Linda Roberts
Trina Boyd
None at this time.
  • Beth confirmed availability of Dr. Capps and Dr. Mickles for Fall luncheon.
  • Someone will need to contact Thomas Turner for audiovisual needs.
  • Mena introduced us to her Culinary Arts student representatives, Brianna and Anna.
  • Voted and decided that the theme should be "I'll be home for Christmas", with Christmas trees, candles, lanterns, greenery on tables, fireplace provided by Brianna.
  • Mena suggested a carving station, Brianna suggested traditional Christmas foods buffet style.
  • Tammy recommended having faculty/staff bring individual ornaments for tree decorations, Brianna suggested each department do so.
  • Confirmed that those bringing item for Food Bank will receive extra ticket for door prizes.
  • Beth confirmed that Ken will still provide fliers.
  • Decided not to have music/entertainment while eating, just while entering.
  • Beth is taking care of paper products, table coverings.
  • Need someone to handle gift cards/door prizes.
  • Beth confirmed we will have $2800 per event.
None at this time.
None at this time.
Rick Templeton
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