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Committee Name: Social Events Committee
Meeting Date: 10/6/2020 12:00:00 AM
Beth Walkup
Natalie Prue
Ghana Ramey
Rick Templeton
Ken Bunch
Tammy Johnson
Mena Hughes
Charles Poff
Elizabeth Shelton
Stephen Perry
Linda Roberts
  1. Beth announced that the request for the usual $600 for gift cards had been approved.
  2. Beth announced that Dr. Capps had requested a virtual social event be planned for the end of this semester.
  3. Beth suggested December 17, starting at 11:30, for approximately one hour.  She suggested we do random selections for gift cards, ask participants to dress festive and decorate their backgrounds, and to have any pets available.  Rick suggested having a most festive pet contest for one of the gift cards.  Beth suggested having gift cards in larger amounts than in the past.
  4. Beth suggested have short comedic routines during the event.
Rick Templeton
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