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Committee Name: Social Committee
Meeting Date: 11/17/2020 12:00:00 AM
Beth Walkup
Tammy Johnson
Charles Poff
Mena Hughes
Elizabeth Shelton
Ghana Ramey
Natalie Prue
Ken Bunch
Linda Roberts
Stephen Perry
Beth Walkup discussed plans so far for virtual social event scheduled for December 17, 2020. 
  • She has contacted Chris Bryant who agreed to be the Grinch and make several appearances throughout. 
  • Rick has contacted a local singer, Karlee Raye, asking if she would sing a couple of songs at the beginning, but has not received a response. 
  • Beth reconfirmed that there will be $600 for gift cards, and the group consensus was to have gift cards for Amazon and local restaurants for take-out; Charles Poff also suggested Grubhub, and Beth said she would look into that as well.
  • Beth suggested and all agreed to have gift cards in amounts of $25 and higher.
  • Gift cards will be awarded to attendees with the best virtual or real background and the most festive pet (categories were agreed upon by attendees).
  • Beth suggested and everyone agreed to hold the contests attendees make their submissions visible) while Dr. Capps speaks and while Dr. Mickles speaks, and the winners will be decided upon by the social events committee (a private chat room will be set up for this purpose).
  • Natalie Prue suggested have Barb Thurston and her husband make an appearance as Santa and Mrs. Claus, Beth will ask.
  • Potential themes were suggested by members Ghana Ramey, Mena Hughes, and Charles Poff; Beth will email to members to vote; included are Holly Jolly Holiday and Cheery CVCC Christmas.
  • Ghana suggested that the invitation flyer should include eating lunch, provided by each individual attendee.
  • All agreed to have one more meeting prior to the event, on December 8 at 1:00.
Rick Templeton
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