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Committee Name: Social Events Committee
Meeting Date: 9/2/2021 12:00:00 AM
Bunch, Ken
Walkup, Beth
Prue, Natalie
Johnson, Tammy
Honeycutt, Rebecca
Thomas, Kathy
Shelton, Elizabeth
Perry, Stephen
Roberts, Linda
Ramey, Ghana
*Move meetings to Thursdays due to Beth’s work schedule, also Mena has another committee on the same Tuesdays
*Theme- Masked Ball
*Zoom possible if social is in person so ones who would like can pickup lunch and go watch from their office
*Be prepared for social to be in person or online
*Boxed meals in bamboo containers, this will cost more due to no plastic allowed
*Possible taking orders
*Continue with digital gift cards for no contact
*Schedule winter social date
Kenneth Bunch
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