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Faculty-Staff Social Event Planning Checklist

Checklist for Faculty/Staff Luncheon – Social Committee

Select date at beginning of semester, based on:
  • Exam Schedule (The preferred time is usually during the exam held during the “free period” of Tuesdays at 1:00, since few classes are scheduled then and few faculty should have an exam  conflict)
  • Availability of President and VPs
  • Available of Culinary Arts students to prepare the food
  • Room Availability – Multipurpose Room (Can be scheduled as soon as the exam schedule is posted if using above date)
    • Table set up
    • A/V equipment needs – IT Department
  • Date of Graduation (spring)
  • Theme
  • Food Plan--Menu
    • Labels for foods being served?
    • Menu for tables?
    • Food set-up (“Stations” worked very well in 2014-15 and reduced amount of time spent in lines)
  • Decorations—Centerpieces (These have been awarded as additional door prizes in the past.)
  • Flyer/invitation—Add to Daily Bulletin 2 weeks in advance
  • Giveaways – gift cards, movie tickets
  • Contests?  Special attire?
  • Staffing – Student Ambassadors?  Culinary Students?
  • Budget – Get amount each year from Dianne Sykes
    • Food
    • Decorations
    • Giveaways (gift cards, candy, etc.)
    • Extra people such as retirees
  • Entertainment/Music—Pandora?  CDs?  Event photos playing on a big screen?
General Supplies
  • Table coverings – how many?  Can Culinary provide?
  • Paper products – how many?  Can Culinary provide?
  • 2 part tickets for drawings
  • Plates, cups, and cutlery
Awards and Presentations
  • Invite Dr. Capps to do a welcome
  • Invite Dr. Mickles to do a blessing
  • Fall Social – Service awards are typically presented – check with the President’s Office for details
  • Spring Social – Retirement recognition is now included – check with the President’s Office for details
  • Cougar Awards – may be presented at either or both events – check with the Employee Recognition Committee
  • Consider offering early entrance or making another plan for those in student services offices who cannot close to allow staff to stagger times to get food.  “Food Stations” set up has helped this issue too.
  • Consider inviting CVCC retirees to the December social.  HR has to label and send these out.  Work with Dianne Sykes on this—she has been able to handle printing off a color flyer and sending out.  Only a small number typically attend, but it is a nice gesture to make.  Ideal to give her the information 3-4 weeks in advance if possible.
  • NEED SOMEONE TO WRITE DOWN ALL NAMES OF GIFT CARD WINNERS.  See procedure below.  (Dianne Sykes might be a good person to ask, since she knows lots of people.)
Gift Card Procedure
A master list of each gift card needs to be created in advance.  This needs to include: a copy of the bar code, the name of vendor, the amount, a place to list the winner, and a place for the winner to sign when the gift card is received.
This document needs to be submitted to Accounting following the Social and distribution of all gift cards and receipt of signatures.
Dianne Sykes has been a great resource for recording the names of winners in the past.
Gift cards for 2014-15 were as followed and they were all well-received.  26 winners were chosen.
  • Sheetz - $15, $15, $20
  • Walmart - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
  • Target - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
  • Kroger - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20
  • Amazon - $20, $20, $20, $20, $20 (can buy online from Amazon with free shipping and free fast delivery)
  • 2 Movie Tickets to Regal Cinema – 3 pairs  (Cost is $17 each pair from Student Activities or same price at Sam’s Club)
Approximately $500 total for the above, pending cost of discount movie tickets
Created  Spring 2015, modified December, 2015.
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