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Student Success Committee
Meeting Minutes from 10/16/2012
Evan Abatecola, Joy Adams, Jim Atkinson, Candace Ferguson, Kimberly French, Linda Mallory, Samantha Maxey, Emily McCarty, Nancy Mitchell, Emily Muniz, Ashley Pearson, and Tim Wilhelm.
Judy Graves, Zander Richards, Kevin Riley, and Debra Short.
Kimberly French opened the meeting and reviewed the previous minutes. There were no changes to the minutes. The following agenda was reviewed and discussed.
Update on faculty and student mentoring program:
Faculty members were sent the students ID numbers, phone numbers, and email.   The faculty members have been sending emails for the most part asking, how we can help; they also sent out information regarding the HELP Workshops and a Campus Resource Guide.  Out of the 145 students that wanted to be placed with a mentor all but 4 students have been placed currently. The student mentors have been sent students phone numbers, email, HELP Workshop schedules, and the Campus Resource Guide. All students have been assigned a student mentor to-date. 
Spring Semester 2013:
Next semester the Counseling Department wants to incorporate an online information form where students request a faculty or student mentor. Once the student completes the form online, an email will be generated that will notify Kimberly French and Kevin Riley.
The college currently has 5 student ambassadors that must complete 30 hours per semester in order to receive their scholarship funding. If there are events on campus and anyone needs help with setting up tables in the student center or having an ambassador represent the college, let Kimberly French know and she can coordinate their schedules.
Joy Adams provided an update on SmartThinking usage.  So far 70 students have accessed Smart Thinking and currently the top subjects used are:
Ø  Math
Ø  Writing
Ø  Spanish
The committee discussed the fact that many students are still unaware of this program and there needs to be a more continuous effort to spread the word.  It will be put up on the Counseling Blog and the student ambassadors will set up tables in the Student Center to help disseminate information. It is also important that the faculty announce and even demonstrate the information in classes. There will be a HELP Workshop on SmartThinking December 4th at 1 PM in Amherst Hall, Room 2316.
Negative Feedback on SmartThinking:
Ø  Two students were cut off during the session
Ø  One essay took 42-48 hours instead on 24 hours
Positive Feedback on SmartThinking:
Ø  Students like the white board aspect of the program
It was recommended by one of the faculty members that when the contract is up for renewal the committee would like a consultation with the faculty and with Joy’s department.
It was requested that Joy Adams provide a list of current subjects that the Student Success Center is providing for tutoring in person.  Having the list will streamline efforts to keep within the college 500 hours of SmartThinking tutoring. The committee expressed the following needs for tutoring:
Ø  Need drop-in tutoring available
Ø  Need more math tutors
Ø  Need extended tutoring hours
An updated on the English redesign was given:
Developmental English is now broken down into 3 different levels
Ø  ENF 1-8 credits
Ø  ENF2-4 credits
Ø  ENF3-2 credits  with a co-requisite of ENG 111 for a total of 5 credits
In the spring there will be no night classes offered for ENF1, only day classes. Also, ENF1 and ENF2 will not be offered at off-campus centers.
A student can skip through levels and go straight into ENG 111 with the recommendation of an instructor.
It is mandatory that students enrolled in ENF 1 and ENF 2 not enroll in Psychology, History, Science, and recommended that they not enroll in Computer classes until they are ready to enroll in ENG 111.
On a positive note, the majority of students taking the placement test are being placed into
ENF 3.
It is important to note that the maximum number of hours students can take to receive financial aid funding is 30 developmental credit hours.
Placement Test:
The first part of the English placement test is comprised of an essay where you write approximately 500 words and/or five paragraphs on two different topics. The essay will be scored based on organization; focus, development and support; vocabulary; sentence structure; and mechanics.
Below are the current writing topics for the exam:
1.       Who is your personal hero and why?
2.       If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
The second part of the placement test is comprised of 40 multiple choice questions.
Update on Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP):
                Since SACS will be delaying or recertification for a year, the following plans are in place for the
Ø  Improve current infrastructure to include: facilities, hardware, and support.
Ø  Include tutoring services and support at all off-campus centers
Ø  Engage in improving all resources in the Student Success Center
Barriers to Retention:
Ø  Tutoring – not enough hours for students or enough tutors. This is no fault to the Student Success Center, there is just not enough funding to support more tutors.
Ø  Schedule for tutoring. There is already a week to week in a half wait time for math tutors.
Computer Skills Entrance Exam:
The committee discussed whether there is a need to administer a computer skills entrance exam. Some of the instructors who teach BUS 226 and/or ITE 115 feel the students must demonstrate the following skills:
1.       How to turn on and use a computer
2.       Terminology
3.       Basic skills such as type and knowing how to use a flash drive
4.       Typing speed of at least 25wpm in order to keep up with the pace of the class
Career Center:
An update was given on the new Career Connections Center.
Ø  The Center now has two computers for students to use to create and edit resumes and cover letters
Ø  The staff will help prepare students with job readiness skills
Ø  Various career related workshops will be provided
Ø  There will be a session on “dress for success” with the help and support of J. Crew
Ø  The staff will assist with mock interviewing
Ø  Hopefully in the spring semester there will be a Job Bank available to students where they can search positions and post their resumes online through the Job Bank site. IT is currently working through some hiccups in the system.
Student Development Courses:
The committee discussed a need for SDV 100 courses to be offered in the respective programs of study. For instance SDV 101 for Radiology Students, Respiratory Therapy Students, Information Systems Technology, Engineering, etc.
Student Orientation:
Counselors are working on a pre-enrollment video for students prior to enrolling. They counseling staff is also looking into various ways to streamline the registration process for students.
The next meeting will be on November 20, 2102, in Merritt Hall, Room 5141 at 1 PM.
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