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Student Success Committee
Meeting Minutes
Present:  Evan Abatecola, Joy Adams, Jim Atkinson, Kimberly French, Samantha Maxey, Emily McCarty, Emily Muniz, Tim Wilhelm, Kevin Riley, Zander Richards
Absent: Linda Mallory, Nancy Mitchell, Ashley Pearson, Judy Graves, Debra Short, Candace Ferguson
Kimberly French opened the meeting by reviewing the previous meetings minutes.
Student Ambassador Program:
            Kimberly French stated that she has currently received 25 applications for the Student Ambassador positions and the college is able to award 10 positions. A committee will review the applications and offer interviews for those eligible. She stated that she would inform all students that if they receive financial aid, their award could be decreased for the fall and spring semesters.
Student Success Hours:
The college is currently looking into having a work-study open the Student Success Center between 8 AM – 9 AM before the remaining part-time employees arrive. Joy Adams stated there still could be an issue with the work-study student being supervised and Dr. Mickles is looking into the issue.
Joy stated the Center is still in need of math tutors and would really like to see drop in tutoring available in the future. Part of the QEP is to develop a Learning Resource Center that would include more space, tutors, and drop-in tutoring. However, the QEP process is delayed due to preparing for SACS this April. After the probationary status, QEP will reconvene in order to be completed by the end of the reaccreditation of SACS.
Part-Time Staff:
Part-time staff employees are only allowed to work 29 hours a week. The committee reviewed the process and seriousness, if employees work over the 29 hour limit.  
Faculty Advising Subcommittee:
Kimberly stated she attended the Faculty Association Committee meeting and received positive feedback on developing a Faculty Advising Subcommittee. She received 6 volunteers to serve on the committee comprised of mostly faculty and a couple of staff members. She stated she would also like to include a couple of students to serve on the committee. The committee will begin meeting in the near future. The purpose of the first few meetings will be to review other college’s faculty advising processes and to start the process of formalizing our own plan.
Joy provided an update on current usage for Smarthinking.
·         283.82 hours have been used                               
·         413 sessions have been assessed online
·         253 sessions for writing only
The college currently has around 100 hours left for the spring semester.
Entrance Exams
Kevin Riley stated that he has been providing the Virginia Placement Test in our local high schools and the scores for English and Math have been impressive. He provided several examples from the schools. Kevin stated 29% of students taking the Math test at CVCC are going into Math 163. Between 55 and 65% of the students taking the test at the high schools are testing into Math 163. Brookville and E.C. Glass will be tested within the next week. All of the students that have been tested are either for Early College, dual enrollment, or high school seniors coming this fall semester.
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