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Student Success Committee
Meeting Meetings

Present: -Evan Abatecola, Joy Adams, Judy Graves, Nancy Mitchell, Ashley Pearson
Members: Evan Abatecola , Joy Adams, Jim Atkinson ,Wendy Ayers, , Candace Ferguson Kimberly French Judy Graves, Nancy Mitchell, Emily Muniz, Lorna Nelson, Ashley Pearson, Kevin Riley, Debra Short,

Student Reps TBA

The Committee Members recommended Kimberly French for chair position. Ashley Pearson is the designated recorder for 2013-2014 year.
The committee talked about current programs in place for students and updates for the new year.

HELP Workshops: Judy Graves went over the HELP workshops being offered for this semester and the topics covered. There are a number of faculty members presenting workshops this semester.
Retention Rates have improved from last year we moved from 3rd from the bottom to the middle.

SMARTHINKING-Joy Adams reported that the essay paragraph and Spanish had the biggest usage in SMARTHINKING this summer

SAILS- SAILS is an Early Alert System that will be available beginning September 30th, it will be available for Developmental math and English for the fall but in Spring of 2014 it will implemented for all subjects. Counselors will be able to view comments and track alerts that that have been sent to students, there will also be notifications of positive progress that instructors can send to students.

Student Ambassadors- 10 student Ambassadors this year. They have assisted in the counseling office at the front desk.

SKYPE ADVISING-Kimberly French has Skype Advising hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.Mobile Applications- We are working on increasing mobile applications for students to use

Early College- Kimberly is teaching SDV 100 for Early College Students and Susan is the Academic Counselor for these students after November Marc  will be their counselor

Goals and Ideas for New Upcoming year:
Work toward increasing student retention
Blackboard Collaborate Tutoring
Other Business: There is a Student Services Conference on September 26-27th
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