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Student Success Meeting October 8th 2013

Attendees: Wendy Ayers, Lorna Nelson, Kevin Riley, Evan Abatecola, Lori Bamburg, Dion Brinkley, Tyler Billups, Debra Short, Josh Oswald, Jim Atkinson, Nancy Mitchel, Tanita Anthony, Ashley Pearson, Kimberly French,
Absent: Judy Graves, Emily Muniz, Candace Ferguson, Joy Adams

Reviewed previous meeting notes no changes were requested to be made.

New Business:

Reviewed SMARTHINKING Stats: For September  24 live sessions, 211 online writing lab sessions. 154.55 hours total. For October 2013 10/1-10/7:  2 live sessions, 109 online writing labs and 77.32 hours so far.

Lorna shared that there is an option on SMARTHINKING for students to buy an updated version. She requested we look at having that removed. Kimberly French will email Joy Adams about the possibility of getting the upgrade option removed from SMARTHINKING.
Kevin Riley presented information about SAILS. It is the New Early Alert System through the VCCS. It stands for Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Success. It is live for developmental math and English classes. There are webinars available for Faculty and Student Success Staff, if you would like to view a webinar contact Kevin Riley. Faculty are sent a survey reminder to complete for students regarding their progress in the course. The next survey for 16 week courses will be sent out on October 16th, and will be open for a week. The third week MTE course survey will be sent out October 24th and the 4th week MTE survey will be sent out November 20th.

SAILS will be in place for all courses in the spring semester.
The Virginia Wizard has a new tool for students called the Career and Course Planner. Counselors can see the plan and the student and counselor can review it together.

Faculty advising subcommittee has been formed to research the possibility of incorporating Faculty Advising here at CVCC. 18 out of the 23 colleges have faculty advising. We have faculty advising to some extent here at CVCC with our medical programs like Respiratory and EMS. The Committee will research how other VCCS colleges use Faculty Advising.
Goals for the year:
Improve retention rate
  • Ideas generated – pre-semester orientation for students (more details to come)
  • Create a program where counselors visit each developmental math and English course to introduce counselors and student success resources. (measured by sign in sheet in tutoring center, SMARTHINKING stats.
  • Kimberly French shared the idea of SDV being taught by faculty members in the student’s major. For example if a student was in the Engineering program, SDV 101 would be taught by Engineering Faculty member so they could speak to the specific areas of Engineering. (CGC will need to approve this proposal)
Incorporating more activities on campus (activities to be determined at next meeting)
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