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Student Success Committee Minutes 2/25/14

Attendees: Kimberly French, Evan Abatecola, Nancy Mitchell, Emily Muniz, Tyler Billups, Debra Short , Jim Atkinson, Wendy Ayers, Dion Brinkley, Ashley Pearson

Absent: Judy Graves, Candace Ferguson, Kevin Riley, Lorna Nelson, Josh Oswald, Tanita Anthony

Joy will be sending us amounts for Smartthinking.

We reviewed the committee recommendation form for SDV 101 that Kimberly brought to the last Faculty Association meeting. Discussion was held regarding the feedback received at that meeting from the faculty.
Faculty ideas that were brought up at that meeting were to have faculty and representatives from different programs come and speak to the
class, but the counselor would teach the course.

The concern of faculty overload was brought up. Nancy Mitchell proposed that we have a seminar to train faculty on contents of SDV 101. The idea of team teaching (two faculty members) for SDV 101 was discussed.

Kimberly is going to contact schools to see if an SDV 101 instructor could come and speak to the faculty to answer questions and talk more about SDV 101 during a faculty association meeting. We may have to call a faculty association meeting depending on the schedule.
Tyler Billups asked where things were with Faculty Advising. Kimberly explained faculty advising is something that we are working on and she shared that there are 20 schools in the VCCS that have faculty advising. In many of the VCCS colleges, faculty review degree progress reports at the time of graduation and sign off on them before they are processed in A&R.

Kimberly reported that the Student Ambassadors have submitted a grant to use planters in the quad for growing herbs to be used by the Culinary Program. Also they are looking at painting the curb in front of Appomattox.
With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
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