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Student Success Committee Minutes 4/8/14

Attendees: Emily Muniz, Evan Abatecola, Tyler Billups, Josh Oswald, Joy Adams, Kevin Riley, Debra Short, Nancy Mitchell, Kimberly French, Ashley Pearson
Absent: Judy Graves, Wendy Ayers, Lorna Nelson, Jim Atkinson, Dion Brinkly, Jim Atkinson

Joy Adams reported Smarthinking numbers to the group. Writing-Essay and Spanish were the units most used. 400 hours have been used for the spring. She also reported that there had been 1700 on campus tutoring hours.

Student Leadership Awards are scheduled for April 30th. There will be a lunch from 12-1:30 in the multi-purpose room.
Herb Planters are in the process of being built. Herbs will go toward the culinary program.
On April 19th from 9-3 we will be painting the side walk in front of Appomattox blue and yellow. This is a community event. The rain date is
May 3rd.

There will be a QEP Family Feud event on April 24th from 12:30-1:30. Student Ambassadors versus SGA.

April 25th is the Student Appreciation picnic from 11-2pm

April 26th is the CVCC 5K Splash Dash. Registration for this 5K event is on our website.

Kevin reported that there will be two sections of SDV 101 in the fall. One for Radiology and Respiratory Therapy. The Respiratory SDV 101 is online the 1st 8 weeks of the semester and the Radiology SDV 101 is a hybrid course and is for 16 weeks. We discussed having the faculty that taught these two classes report to the Faculty Association during the fall semester about their experience teaching these courses and answer any questions that faculty may have.

Joy reported that the Student Success Center is open 8-9pm Monday-Thursday and Friday 8-12pm during the summer.

Debra reported that workforce will be offering a class for students that took the Virginia Placement Test and tested into ABE.

Nancy Mitchell shared that the Lynchburg Literacy council is also a good place for students to prep for the placement test.

There will be Honors Courses starting in the fall. There will be an application process and Professor Poff is coordinating the courses.

Joy Adams will serve as Chair and Emily Muniz will be the Recorder for Fall 2014-Spring 2015  
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