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Student Success Committee
September 2, 2014
1 PM
Merritt Hall, Room 5213
Members Present: Joy Adams, Tim Rhodes, Lorna Nelson, Jim Atkinson, Cody Lawhorn, Dexter Smith, Brittney Cochrane, Teresa Laughlin, and Kimberly French.
Members Unable to Attend: Emily Muniz, Nancy Mitchell, Judy Graves, and Kim Angel.
Responsible Party
Old Business:
Additions/Deletions/Corrections to the Minutes
The Student Success Center is currently hiring tutors. There is currently 1 math tutor and they will be hiring a new one very soon.
The Student Success Center is now opening up at 8:30 AM instead of 8 AM.
Joy Adams
Agenda Item 1: Elect a new chair for the committee
Joy discussed that due to her hours and workload, right now is not the best time for her to chair the committee. She asked for volunteers to chair the committee.
The new chair for the committee will be Lorna Nelson with co-chair Brittney Cochrane.
Lorna Nelson
Brittney Cochrane
Agenda Item 2: QEP Peer Tutoring
Jim Atkinson asked about the possibility of math peer tutoring. Joy stated that there have been peer tutors in the past.
Joy stated to send any qualified student to her and she will contact them in regards to peer tutoring as an emergency hire.
Joy Adams
Any faculty or staff who can send names to Joy for peer tutoring.
Responsible Party
Agenda Item 3: Smarthinking
Smarthinking is still being used; however, more students come in person than online. Faculty still utilize the software for assignments with students, which foster in the numbers being used.
Joy stated that the number of hours for Smarthinking will be reduced as we go.
Joy Adams
Agenda Item 4: Faculty Advising and Student Activities
Kimberly French updated the committee on the various activities that the Student Ambassadors and the SGA participated in last year (painting the curb, planting an herb garden, CVCC Color Run, etc.)
The committee discussed where we stand with faculty advising on campus. Kimberly French stated that this will be a continued effort in the future as it is directly linked to retention and fostering student success.
Lorna Nelson stated that during convocation there was a topic on Measuring Student Engagement and Success. She stated she would forward the information to the committee.
The committee also agreed it would be advantageous to survey the students on Student Success.
Kimberly French (faculty advising)
Lorna Nelson (convocation material)
Kris Ogden/Kevin Riley/committee on Student Success Survey
Agenda Item 5: Student Advising
The committee discussed the possibility of different groups of specialized advising. For example, advising only developmental students.
Also, the committee discussed faculty holding a mandatory advising session (1 session) with students in their class that would be approximately 5-10 minutes. Students would have to schedule this throughout the semester; however, it allows the student to connect with the faculty member.
Continue to pursue the option of mandatory advising sessions with faculty members.
Look into specialized advising sessions.
Tim Rhodes
Lorna Nelson
Agenda Item 6: SAILS (Early Alert System)
Tim Rhodes and Jim Atkinson had concerns regarding the generic message that is sent to students with their name attached when they raise flags on students.  They stated that the message that is sent is not what they wrote and wanted to know if that information could be changed.
Kimberly French stated that the message is preset by the college and that the faculty can put their own message in the second paragraph of the email sent to the students. The message the faculty send is what they write in the comment section of the flag that was raised. The VCCS recently added placing the faculty name to the email to alert the students to contact their faculty. This seems to be working well.
Kimberly will check with the SAILS representative to voice the concern and see if any changes are planning to be made.
Kimberly French
The committee adjourned at 
1:43 PM.
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