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Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Room 5213
Called to Order: 1:00 PM

Present: Lorna Nelson, Tim Rhoads, Kimberly French, Brittney Cochrane, Dexter Smith, Victoria King, Teresa Laughlin, and Emily Muniz
Absent: Joy Adams, Cody Lawhorn, Nancy Mitchell, Judy Graves, Kim Angel, and

Old Business
  • Minutes from last meeting, September 2, 2014, were approved.
  • SAILS – Kimberly stated that we are unable to change the default messages that are sent. These are generic messages generated from the systems office
  • SMARTHINKING hours will continue to be reduced
  • Members update: Jim Atkinson is no longer on the Student Success Committee. Students Victoria King, Cody Lawhorn, and another student (no name given) have joined.

New Business
  • Lorna indicated the importance of goals and being involved as a committee by developing and implementing at least one practice. Some ideas included faculty advising, a student survey, and/or a snapshot of student demographics.
  • Faculty advising – Kimberly followed up on Tim’s idea from the previous meeting regarding potential mandatory faculty advising meetings at least once per semester to begin a dialogue. Victoria stated that when she met with a faculty member for advising she did not find it particularly helpful for her personally. Tim raised the concern of standardization and having an advising system in place particularly in regards to transfer. The committee tabled the faculty advising for the time being but there seems to be a need for cross training in the future in order for this to work.
  • Emily showed the committee the transfer resources on the Transfer page of the website as well as the SCHEV transfer tool.
  • Student snapshot and survey – Lorna will email the committee for ideas to include in the student survey to obtain a snapshot of student demographics. This will hopefully improve communication between faculty/staff and students. Victoria shared that learning about certain things is difficult because students are not getting the information. The committee presented ideas as to how the information is already being shared with students including H.E.L.P. Workshops, the Counseling Facebook, Twitter, and blog accounts, as well as email communication. Emily suggested developing a daily or weekly student bulletin that would not only include Student Activity information (which is already being sent out) but any other pertinent information for students including transfer events, H.E.L.P. Workshop schedules, etc. Lorna raised the question as to who would be responsible for the bulletin. The committee decided to continue this discussion at the next meeting.
  •  A concern of the committee is student attrition and finding out the reason(s) for that.
  • Teresa mentioned finding out why students drop/withdraw their courses or if a student transfers early where and why to determine what we can do on our end to keep students engaged.
  • Victoria provided an example of taking an online course for convenience to find out too late that on-campus testing was required. The committee agreed that there needs to be more clarification for things such as this for students.
  • Kimberly mentioned the idea that the counselors have discussed about priority enrollment for returning students in the spring. The counselors are still working out the details. There will be a faculty announcement as well as a letter and email to qualifying students once the details have been ironed out.
  • The meeting was deemed productive and successful and was adjourned at 1:50 PM. 
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