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Student Success Committee Meeting
Date: 11/25/14
Called to Order: 1:03

Present: Lorna Nelson, Brittney Cochrane, Kimberly French, Tim Rhoads,
Teresa Laughlin, Victoria King
Absent: Dexter Smith, Emily Muniz, Cody Lawhorn, Kim Angel, Nancy Mitchell, and Joy Adams

Old Business:
·         Lorna opened with how students find out about activates around campus & Kimberly French talked about one way being the emails sent out by the students activities director Linda Adams.
·         Kim also spoke about the recent email that was sent out to the students about pre-registration which even though pre-registration was a lower turnout than hoped for, this proves that students do check their email.
·         Tim Rhoads spoke about faculty advising and the feedback he has received on that. He said that he has received both positive and negative feedback from faculty on the possibility of starting faculty advising here at CVCC.

New Business:
·         Brittney spoke about the upcoming food drive that the full and part time staff associations will be sponsoring for the Lynchburg Salvation Army.
·         Lorna spoke about the student snapshot & suggested she could send the snapshot in an email to us for any comments or suggestions.
o   Kimberly French suggested that Kris Ogden and Kevin Riley probably already have some of the statistics that could answer some of the snapshot questions.
o   Theresa suggested that we add the question of how long it takes students to complete a degree into the snapshot and what are some reasons why students need to leave and come back to complete a degree.
o   Lorna said she would add that question to the snapshot.
·         Lorna also announced that she would no longer be here on Tuesdays and Thursdays next semester so Brittney Cochrane will take over as full time chair starting next semester.
·         Lorna also discussed the issue of poor communication between the departments and divisions. We all agreed that the communication lacks and we discussed some ways to improve this. Weekly emails to keep everyone on the same page was brought up but then the daily bulletin was brought up and how many don’t even read it.
·         Lorna ended the meeting with telling us she will send us an email.
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