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Date: 10/06/15
Called to Order: 1:00 PM

Present: Deborah Bauer, Ashley Pearson, Joy Adams, Vickie Bowman, Matthew Godsoe, Zach Campbell, Stephanie Keener, Emily Muniz, Kimberly French, Ume Kalsoom, Dexter Smith, Lorna Nelson

Absent: Brittney Cochrane, Tim Roads, Nancy Mitchell
·         The meeting was opened with discussion about the IT Survey.
·         Lorna delivered comments expressed towards the IT Survey upon presentation to Faculty Association.
·         Zach suggested offering the Faculty the option of posting a one-page synopsis of syllabus two-weeks prior to start of class in favor of requiring a full syllabus prior to start of class.
·         Lorna said that she would present the proposal requiring a synopsis of syllabus two-weeks prior to start of class to Faculty Administration.
·         Committee discussed IT Survey
·         Zach suggested broadening the question of ‘what technologies do you use…’ to include more technologies: Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Blackboard, Prezi, etc.
·         Committee decided that question two of the survey will ask what technologies are used, and question three will ask how those technologies are used.
·         Question four will state “Do you feel that your students are comfortable using Microsoft Technologies” in favor of “Do you feel that your students are comfortable using Microsoft Office.”
·         Question five will state “Do you feel that students will benefit from free technology training class?”
·         Zach suggested to the committee making Blackboard training mandatory.
·         Lorna stated that she would ask Gale and Ed about steps that can be made towards making training mandatory for all students.
·         Matt suggested giving extra-credit upon completion of training as an incentive to students to complete training.
·         The committee then discussed the email to be sent out to professors and decided to alter the description of the email with Kimberly recording the changes.
·         Kimberly also suggested that the committee give professors two-weeks to respond to survey.
·         Stephanie Keener voiced concerns towards traffic on Harvard Street. She also gave Lee Newland’s name as a contact with the City of Lynchburg to address concerns about traffic on Harvard Street.
·         Matt brought up concerns that students have with counseling department from scheduling issues to counselors not knowing about all fields of study within the College. To address this concern, Zach brought up the option of having faculty act as student advisors for their respected departments.
·         Matt suggested that an application be developed for scheduling in the counseling department.
·         Emily suggested inviting students to Faculty Association meetings to address concerns within the student body.
·         Deborah suggested getting seniors in high school to talk to counselors here at the College in preparation for college.
·         Ume brought up the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and expressed the need of advertising for it.
·         Zach suggested improving notifications on events, especially for professors. He suggested notifying professors at least two-weeks in advance, and giving students at least a three-day notice before college-wide events take place.
·         Zach suggested sending one email per week with all the events and notifications for that week to students and faculty.
·         Zach suggested expanding the College’s social media presence via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other forms of social media.
·         Meeting adjourned at 1:56 PM.
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