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Student Success Committee Meeting
Date: 01/19/16
Called to Order: 1:05

Present: Kimberly French, Tim Rhoads, Dexter Smith, Stephanie Keener, and Emily Muniz
Absent: Nancy Mitchell, Deborah Bauer, Matt Godsoe, Ume Kalsoom, Vickie Bowman, Zachary Campbell, and Joy Adams
·         Computer Training:
o   Stephanie addressed what Workforce can offer regarding the computer training classes; there was correspondence between Lorna and Francie regarding how to proceed
§  There are two issues: VPT testing and the funding required to produce a course
§  Tuition coverage was another issue that was addressed
o   Kimberly suggested adding a basic computer training component to the SDV/New Beginnings hybrid that will be offered next summer
§  Workforce could be incorporated into this
o   Another option would be to offer an ITE 95 or ITE 101 course to serve as a prerequisite to courses that utilize Microsoft Office
o   Next steps: speak with Dr. Lemons and Francie Dye
o   Discussion of making New Beginnings mandatory to ensure students have this training
§  Concerns of how to make New Beginnings mandatory were discussed
·         i.e. curricular vs. non-curricular students
o   Concepts that should be covered in this training/course:
§  Blackboard, My Math Lab, Minetap, Microsoft Office, file manager, Google Search and You Tube videos
o   Kimberly shared topics that are included in New Beginnings i.e. Blackboard and PeopleSoft training
o   This multilevel approach was discussed and the computer training would not be mandatory but recommended; students usually know if they are not proficient or the instructor could recommend training
·         The committee determined that only two or three agenda items should be worked on this spring and it was determined that in addition to the computer training effort we would also work towards requiring instructors to have their course materials available for each course
o   This would include a summary or synopsis of the syllabus as well as the format of the course and it’s requirements
o   The dean’s will be sought out for support
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