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Date: 2/23/16’
In attendance:  Kimberly French, Stephanie Keener, Dexter Smith, Zach Campbell, Tim Rhoads

1. Computer training:

*Kimberly reported that SDV, currently a 1 credit course, already consists of 9 units, and that adding computer training would require increasing the course to 2 credits.  She did say that New Beginnings might work as a vehicle for training.  However……

*The group decided that before we pursue options on computer training that we should first consider how to determine need.  Zach discussed a tool called Smart Measure that we could potentially use for this.  Smart Measure is a tool that is used to determine aptitude in a variety of areas relating to student success, one of which is computer technology.  Apparently, rather than simply prompting the tester to answer questions, the tool requires the tester to use a sample of search tools, tools such as Math Lab, etc.  This way the tester can get a better idea of whether or not they can actually use the applications.  One problem is that Smart Thinking is not free.  However, Kimberly thinks that we can gain access to a free trial of the tool.  She is checking on cost, etc.

*The use of ROLE (Ready for Online Learning) within Blackboard was briefly discussed as another tool to assess computer aptitude.

*Regardless of the measuring tool(s) that we eventually use, the group was in agreement that we should pursue the use of a tool, then use this to run a pilot study to determine if there is need for training.

2. Course synopses:

*The group discussed the various obstacles to implementation of this requirement.  These included concern about students avoiding particular sections of a course, and unwillingness to put forth the effort to generate these proactively vs writing syllabi during convocation week.  We didn’t come up with any solutions or actions at this time.

3. Student activities:
Kimberly, Zach and Dexter suggested that improvements in our student activities efforts are needed.  Zach said that that we need more activities, and activities that last longer than a few hours.  All seemed to agree that eating is a universally appreciated activity, so we talked about food sources on campus, and the need for improvement there.  I agreed to check into the management of our food services.  Stephanie suggested that we have designated days during which area food trucks would come to campus.     
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