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Date: 4/5/2016
In attendance:  Kimberly French, Stephanie Keener, Deborah Bauer, Tim Rhoads

Following up from our February meeting:

1. Food services:  Kimberly was informed by the Student Activities director that, due to existing food service contracts, we may not be able to invite food trucks onto campus.  The group reiterated that excessive wait times in the CVCC cafeteria often prohibit students from purchases because they do not receive the food before time for their next class.  I told the group that I will look into these issues further when our new VP of finance arrives on April 11. 
Deborah Bauer commented that the Starbucks shop in the library closes early afternoon preventing night students from service.  She said also that no schedule of operation is posted, and that hours of operation seem a bit erratic.  I reported that I would look into this as well.
2. Computer training tools:  After some investigation, Kimberly learned that the “Smarter Measure” tool is not free, but has a cost to the student of $29.99.  However, another tool (ACES) costs the student only $15.  ACES has the added benefit of a pre and post component which can be used to focus student training on areas of greatest need, and the data can be used by our Institutional Effectiveness office for purpose of assessment.
                On a related issue, Deborah reported to the group that our library can now administer the ESL (English as a second language) exam for those students who require this certification before continuing to CVCC English courses.  She suggested two factors that could be decreasing student success on the ESL exam: limited time and sub-optimum testing environment.  Apparently, the ESL exam has an essay component.  Students are only given an hour to take the exam which is insufficient for these students, many of which are challenged with the English language.  It seems that the 1 hour limit was adopted for no reason other than following the practice of NOVA, not because of some documented rule.  To date, the test has been proctored in the writing center which is often noisy.  The group discussed the possibility of arranging that the ESL tests be taken in the testing center.  Kimberly agreed to speak with Joy Adams and Mike Fein about this possibility.  We were all in agreement that this issue should be taken to the Dean of Student Success upon their arrival later this month.
3. Early college:  I was going to speak with our new Dean of Student Success about some mechanism of scheduled periodic dialogue between all campus players involved in the Early College program.  This would, of course, include faculty who teach these sections.  I will approach the Dean about this upon their arrival.
This was the final meeting of our committee for the year.  Although few of the issues that we worked on this year were brought to final resolution, we did make progress, especially on those discussed above.  This will be a good starting point for the Student Success committee during the next academic year.  Having served my 2 years, I will rotate off of the committee.
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