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Student Success Meeting
Patti Safiotti
Tom Sparhawk
Kimberly French
Emily Muniz
Stephanie Keener
Ashley Pearson
Nancy Mitchell
Samantha Lee
Joy Adams
Michael Farris
Lana Velez
Lorna Nelson
Dexter Smith
Kimberly Angel
We motioned to elect Tom Sparhawk the chair of the committee an Emily Muniz as recorder and Ashley Pearson to fill in as recorder when needed.
Old business that was discussed was last year’s survey to faculty members to see how much technology was used in the classroom.
Tom recapped the proposal that was brought to the faculty association about faculty posting their syllabus for the semester online for students to view. This proposal was not approved. Tom suggested we propose that the last semester’s syllabus we posted online for students to review. We discussed where that would be located and the idea of posting the syllabus with the course information on the class schedule.
Tom also brought up the topic of children on campus and how 1 in 5 of our students have children. Child care scheduling is a challenge for our students especially if schools or day care center’s close for weather. Patti shared that tidewater had a Child Minding program that was a partnership with the YMCA, they covered all liability, they built a building for the child minding program and students would be able to have their children cared for while they were in class. Financial Aid paid for the child minding program.

Kimberly’s notes:
Patti suggested that during the renovation of Amherst Hall, that the committee propose a space for childcare. It was discussed that the student activity fees could be increased to help fund the cost of a day care center. Stephanie Keener stated that CVCC is a unique footprint in Region 2000 where the whole community would get involved. CVCC is a great place to have a centralized location for a child care center. Patti will be attending a Deans meeting next week and she will meet with individual from Tidewater Community College to learn more about their child care center and how they started the program. Danville Community College also has a child care program. Patti and Stephanie will meet with a team of people to gather statistics and develop a proposal.
Tom Sparhawk made a recommendation that the committee could possibly have a list of “child friendly faculty” who are willing to have infants in their class. It was asked if there was a policy within the VCCS that prohibited this from happening and Kimberly stated she would check and let the committee know. Tom also threw out the possibility of having a Child Care Club, like a parent support group, that would have parents with children who could watch them while one is in class and then they could switch out after classes. There were some liability concerns within the committee on this suggestion.
Tom also recommended having baby changing stations added in the handicap bathrooms. The committee agreed they could be added in the following high traffic buildings: Amherst, Library, and Merritt. Conversation was had that if they didn’t put them in the handicap bathrooms, they could be placed in the open area of the bathroom.
Tom recommended having a computer center for students having trouble with their computers (for instance cannot get information saved on a jump drive, logging in, etc.). It was suggested having work-study students to be there to assist the students (possibly 2-3 computers). The Amherst Computer Lab and the Enrollment Center were two areas mentioned.
The committee suggested getting statistical information regarding our student population from Kris Ogden. It was discussed that other than having pizza for evening students, there are no other activities or services provided. In the future there may be a possible change in hours in Student Services to accommodate more evening students.
Transportation issues were discussed for our students. Tom wanted to know how the bus service and the yellow cab service was advertised. Right now there is no advertisement, just by word of mouth. Patti will look into having the bus schedule and routes published for our students. It was mentioned that evening students who get out of class at 9:40, the current bus schedules last stop is 9:20 pm; therefore, it affects students being able to attend the classes. Patti will contact Natalie Wilkins with GLTC to see if the time can be adjusted. Kimberly will contact Yellow Cab to get their information to be published for students. Also, RideShare should be published for student to know about their services in Region 2000. Stephanie stated that Get Downtown would be a great place to advertise the bus routes and schedules as well as any transportation for our students.
Tom stated that we may want to look into having a small section in the faculty and staff parking for motorcycles; therefore, they wouldn’t take up larger spots. Also, Kimberly mentioned that there really needs to be directional arrows showing the direction of traffic for faculty and staff in the lots. Cars go both ways and almost hit when they are entering and leaving the lot near the Bookstore. 
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