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10/4/16 Student Success Committee Meeting
Katie Smith
Michael Farris
Kimberly French
Tom Sparhawk
Stephanie Keener
Patti Safiotti

Tom passed out the current CVCC policies regarding children at the college and a proposed policy. We moved to recommend bringing the proposed policy to the CGC

Patti reported on child minding center she is scheduled to talk with TCC on October 12th about their center.

Tidewater collaborated with YMCA (which has licensed childcare professionals) to work in the child minding center there.

We discussed recommending including a child minding center when we renovate Amherst building
F.A. would pay for childcare at TCC. Tom Sparhawk commented that Graves Mill Early Learning center had expressed interest in the past of being involved if CVCC had a child minding area.

Stephanie Keener shared that human Kind might also be a resource for us. Joan Rowe, Director of Humankind’s Child Care Resource Center is a recognized expert in our region and may be a good person to talk to about the specifics for room size and laws if we were to move forward with a facility.

Tom shared that he asked Beth to present to the facilities committee about putting baby changing stations on campus. Discussion was had on the need for restocked feminine hygiene products in the bathroom. At this time there are none. Stephanie shared that she has created baskets with products and placed them in the Merritt Hall Bathrooms.

Discussion was had on needing arrows in the student lots and also the faulty parking area as well as speed postings are needed. Tom will contact the safety department about this.

We discussed syllabi being published prior to classes. Patti shared that at TCC they came up with the content and objective syllabi and posted that online so students could see that information.

Tom will take the proposal back to Faculty Association about posting achieved syllabi online and also the content and objective syllabi posting idea as well.

Discussion was had on what would be helpful for students to know before class. Katie Smith recommended a two page sheet with basic information on it such as instructor’s policy for cell phone usage, laptops and hybrid class requirements, she gave the example of a TR hybrid course meeting only on Tuesday’s not Thursdays and knowing that information up front would be helpful.

There was concern that syllabi are not being provided to students on the first day of class.

Pattie reported that the last GLTC pickup time is 6:00. Tom is going to create a PowerPoint slide to be put up on the monitors with Bus schedule times, so students can see this information on tv monitors on campus.

Stephanie Keener commented that she thought GLTC would be willing to expand bus schedule route and time and that Natalie Wilkins at GLTC would be a good contact person.

Katie proposed the idea of a bus buddy system for students. We also talked about having focus groups with students to see what their needs are regarding services etc.
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