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Student Success Committee Meeting 11/15/16

Kimberly French
Tom Sparhawk
Stephanie Keener
Katie Smith
Ashley Pearson
Tom reported that he took the archived syllabi idea to the Faculty association meeting, there was concern from the faculty that the students would be confused.
Tom will take back to the faculty and propose that when the new website is running we have a site where people can post syllabus if they want to.
Tom also proposed we have a contact directory on the new website with links to that faculty member’s syllabus organized by year. He will talk to Will and the Deans about this.

Tom reported that he uses loose leaf version of his textbook and the bookstore won’t buy it back. He suggest putting books in book shelves in the student center for students to borrow.

Katie Suggested we also put a box of unused school supplies, students could donate what they didn’t use for the year, this could include notebooks, pencils, binders, etc.

The facilities committee is meeting next week and will discuss changing tables being installed and sanitary supplies being supplied. We talked about the sanitary supplies being on the cleaning card, so they can be resupplied every day and add a not if empty to see a designated person, so we can be sure to restock.
Stephanie reported that in Merritt Hall in the last 24 days, 16 sanitary supplies have been taken from the basket of supplies she has put in the bathrooms.
Tom reported that the Minor Children on Campus Policy as okayed by legal. Tom suggested we take to the CGC. We discussed getting feedback from faculty and staff first, so Kimberly will send out an all campus email asking for feedback on Policy. After we get feedback from faculty and staff we will review and then SSC will take to the CGC.
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