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Student Success Committee Meeting 1/17/17
Attendees: Kimberly French, Stephanie Keener, Patti Saffioti, Tom Sparhawk, Ashley Pearson

Tom reported that the child policy went to the President’s Staff and was approved. It will be voted on in the next president’s council meeting.

Stephanie Keener reported that Joan with Humankind is willing to come and talk to us about the minimum requirements for child minding facility on campus. She is going to see if she can come and speak to us at our next student success meeting.

Patti wants to start a retention ad-hoc committee workgroup. One of the goals of this committee will be to get student success initiatives into the classroom.

Tom suggested it be combined with the student success committee.

Kimberly shared that there will be light snacks offered at the Hot Topic workshops. The workshops will be advertised on the monitors and emailed to students. She will also email faculty about the topics so they can encourage their students to attend.

Tom proposed that we loop the Hot Topics sessions that are recorded on a TV in the student center, and have a schedule so students know what time each topic will be shown. Kimberly is going to talk with David Lightfoot in regards to or about getting these videos on the TV monitor. 

We also are going to see if we can get the link to what is on the monitors to faculty so they can show it in their classroom before class begins or between classes.
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